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AUT Solutions

Our mission is to provide current and future customers with the highest quality Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, services, and support.

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Located 30 minutes west of Houston, Texas, AUT provides  Advanced Ultrasonic Scanning systems, software, and training to an ever-growing global customer base from the aerospace, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

We take pride in short lead times, rapid delivery, and quality products that enable our clients to meet evolving job requirements.  Our team strives to provide world-class service and support after the sale to ensure the customer remains up and running without interruption.

Products & Services
Automated Scanners
AUT Solutions specializes in the manufacturing of Automated Corrosion Mapping, Multi-channel Pulse Echo, Phased Array, TOFD, and Short Range Guided Wave inspection systems. Compatible with Omniscan MX2/3, TD Scan, M2M, GE, Zetec, VEO, and other commercial products.

Modular steerable automated scanner;  Available in both 2 and 3 axis versions with the ability to scan just about any configuration of a magnetic surface.
  • 3-Axis version – Remote Corrosion Mapping
  • 2-Axis version – Weld Inspection and Encoded B-Scanning
  • Easily adaptable for axial scanning, laser guided weld inspection, or tank inspection

Automated Corrosion Mapping, TOFD and Phased Array Scanner
  • Fast – X: 6”/sec – Y: 30”/sec
  • Modular – Easy to change configurations or parts
  • Low profile – 3.125″ Height

Automated 2-axis scanner capable of inspecting diameters ranging from 2″ pipe to flat surfaces. The complete system fits in one case making it highly portable and travel friendly.
  • Fast – Scan up to 30″/sec
  • Lightweight – Scanner weighs less than 15 pounds
  • Modular – Arms and motors can be switched in only a few minutes

Automated 2-axis scanner designed with a air cooled system for use on high temperature components up to 700F (372C).
  • Fast – Arm speed up to 15″/sec, wheels 5″/sec.
  • Modular – Arms and motors can be switched in minutes
  • Versatile – 3″ OD pipe to flat surfaces

Manual Scanners
Advanced semi-automated scanning equipment specifically designed for Phased Array, ToFD, B scan Corrosion Mapping, Short Range Guided Wave, and configurable to adapt to any inspection requirements.  All encoders are IP-68 rated and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Simplicity is key; select the appropriate band size, snap the scanner on the pipe, and scan away.
  • 10 unique bands covering a range of pipe sizes from 0.8″ (20.3 mm) to 4.5″ (114.3 mm)
  • Compatible with Olympus A15 phased array probes and wedges
  • High resolution IP rated encoder

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Small, simple to use single-axis scanner that allows for quickly and easily setup.
  • Precision machined anodized aluminum
  • Dual-Force wedge clamping system
  • No additional tools required

The ultimate piping inspection solution.
  • Used on ferrous and non-ferrous piping
  • Quickly adaptable to 4” to 24” diameter pipe
  • Highly portable and lightweight

A simple affordable solution for performing phased array and ToFD weld scans.
  • Highly configurable manual scanner
  • Capable of scanning pipe in both axial and circumferential directions

Affordable multi-purpose scanner designed for advanced ultrasonic inspections.
  • Lightweight
  • Modular

Small, lightweight single-axis high-temperature scanner for applications up to 500F (intermittent use). A spring loaded transducer automatically adjusts its height adapting to surface changes.
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Single-axis encoded manual scanner
  • Compatible with surfaces ranging from 3″ pipe to flat

Perfect for classroom or field use; available with magnetic and suction cup bases, allowing the scanner to swivel as the scan axis changes.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Drive belt
  • 2000mm (78″) scan length
  • High resolution encoder – 0.025mm (0.001″)

Universal phased array, ToFD, and corrosion scanner.
  • Soft contact magnetic wheels
  • Quickly adaptable for circumferential or axial inspections
  • Additional High-Temp kit capable of inspecting up to 500°
Custom Scanners

Run your ATCO GPS1000 with our turn-key AUT Solutions systems

ICM Climber with our AUT Solutions raster arm conversion kit

Run the ScanTech XR scanner with our ProScanXT as a turn-key system

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