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Arora Technologies (P) Limited

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Keeping the vision of “Make in India”, M/s. Arora Technologies (P) Limited is focusing on the Manufacturing and Distribution of NDT Products & Accessories. Our vision is to Innovate, design, and manufacture NDT Products, Systems, and Accessories for global markets by incorporating Quality & Excellence into our DNA. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and pursuing our business through innovation, the latest technology & unrelenting quest for excellence. Our business is divided into three verticals. In the first vertical, we design and manufacture NDT Products & Accessories like LED UV Lamps, Yokes, Film Viewers, Optical densitometers, etc. In the second vertical, we represent many reputed companies based in North America & Europe and look after the marketing & distribution of their products in India. In the third vertical, we offer an online/offline NDT System under the supervision of our principals who are world leaders in their respective fields. We also support our customers with effective after-sales services, technique/product-related training, and in-application analysis. We cater to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from manufacturing, heavy engineering, nuclear, aviation, research & development, refineries, petrochemicals, power stations, etc. The equipment we deal in is employed in quality control assessments during production as well as in the post-production stage, in-service inspection and maintenance activities of running plants, research and related activities, etc.

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