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The Arise Group is an arm of Rutledge that provides specialized NDT inspection services to a wide array of industries. Launched simultaneously in 4 countries in Feb 2015, Arise group seeks to arrive at a reliable and valued pedestal of niche & expert Advanced NDT and Inspection services. Arise is an early adopter of patented Acoustic Eye novel tube inspection technology. The team has successfully performed inspections for over half a million tubes of all configurations and sizes. Aside from acquiring specific state-of-the-art NDT equipment and technology, the Arise team is looking to develop innovative capability in-house and through targeted collaborations. The energetic Arise team provides consultation and expert solutions to clients for their demanding and challenging inspection needs.

Products & Services
APR Inspection System

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology, patented by AcousticEye, is an advanced and innovative non-traversing tube and pipe inspection technique giving you the most accurate, reliable and fast inspection results.

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When inspection is required for insulated lines, pipes with limited access such as buried, encased inside sleeves or elevated above pipe racks hence LRUT comes as an efficient, fast and cost effective technique.

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Acoustic Emission

Taking tanks with good conditions out of service is the major limitation of time-based maintenance, We offer Acoustic Emission technique as an efficient screening technique helping you to effectively plan and to make sure that only tanks with poor conditions will be taken out of service.

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