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Apex Inspections, Inc.

Apex's mission is to provide our customers access to technically sound, professionally performed NDT services, and continue to approach our jobs with passion and an unwavering commitment to safety.

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Apex's mission is to provide their customers access to technically sound, professionally performed NDT services, and continue to approach their jobs with passion and an unwavering commitment to safety.

Since 1998, APEX has been serving the NDT/NDI needs of the aerospace and industrial sectors. They are an FAA Repair Station (CRS X5IR125Y), AS9100 Certified (1772),  EASA Certified (145.6775), and ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited (A2LA 4402.01) NDT/NDI Lab, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (Farmers Branch, Texas) and routinely travel all over the world. Our professional, efficient, and customer-driven team is fully field-operable within an hour's notice.

With fully equipped mobile labs and a dedicated receiving/shipping area, they can receive, inspect, certify, and return your components quickly at a competitive rate. Apex's NDT technicians are certified ASNT-TC-1A and NAS 410 inspectors trained in Bond Test, Borescope, Eddy Current, Hardness (HB, HRB), Magnetic Particle, Optical Prism, Paint Thickness, Penetrant, Phased Array, Radiography, Thermography, and Ultrasonic.

Apex is constantly focused on its customer's manufactured articles. They are in this business to make the world a safer place. Choose Apex Inspections for accurate testing for your large or small aerospace inspection, industrial inspection, or various components, materials, and systems needs. 

Products & Services
NDT Training Services

Apex Inspection Inc. is thrilled to share the news that Apex Inspections, Inc. has acquired NDT Consulting Group Inc. (NDT-CGI), a leading provider of NDT training services.

Established in 1997, this veteran-owned and operated organization is committed to providing a comprehensive range of non-destructive testing training services.

Apex Inspection Inc.'s highly skilled and professionally trained instructors are certified as Level III/3 per ASNT and/or NAS410 standards in various NDT methods. These credentials, and their years of experience, equip them to undertake projects in the aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear, and structural NDT sectors, among others.

NDT-CGI offers a robust suite of solutions to establish and enhance your NDT capabilities. Their portfolio includes comprehensive on-site training, personnel qualification and certification, procedural documentation, technique data sheets, auditing services, program management, and more! They pride themselves in their ability to tailor their services to your needs and to deliver them on-site, anywhere in the world.

Apex Inspection Inc. training courses are derived from, and in compliance with, ANSI/ASNT CP-105: Training Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Personnel and ISO 25107: Non-Destructive Testing — Guidelines for NDT Training Syllabi.

Apex Inspection Inc. takes pride in maintaining long-standing relationships with its clients and ensuring our NDT programs operate ethically, efficiently, and effectively.

Eddy Current Testing

APEX's nondestructive eddy current testing equipment and solutions will meet the critical requirements of your unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety.

How ET Works

General eddy current applications can be further subdivided into applications involving the measurement of physical property differences, such as flaws and thickness; applications involving the measurement of parameters relating more to conductivity, such as hardness, or applications involving the permeability changes in ferromagnetic parts. These are not clear-cut subdivisions because the physical parameters also affect coil impedance and material conductivity. Heat treatment also affects conductivity in non-ferromagnetic parts and permeability in ferromagnetic parts.

  • Current Inspection Projects
  • Boeing 757 Engine Pylon
  • Boeing 767 Midspar Fittings
  • Cessna Carry Thru Spar
  • Learjet Potential Drop
  • T-6 AMOC
  • T-34 AMOC
Magnetic Particle Testing

APEX works closely with steel fabricators, metal fabricators, and aluminium machine shops to provide one-on-one quality inspections that are both cost-effective and offer fast turn times for your product. They have a level 4 dye penetrant system that is qualified for use on turbine engine components.

How MT Works

A magnetic field is established in a component made from a ferromagnetic material. The magnetic lines of force travel through the material and exit and re-enter the material at the poles. Defects, such as cracks or voids, cannot support as much flux and force some of the flux outside of the part. Magnetic particles distributed over the component will be attracted to areas of flux leakage and produce a visible indication.

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