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AOS (Advanced OEM Solutions)

Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) is the premier provider of customizable Phased Array, Full Matrix Capture (FMC), and Multi-Channel Conventional UT hardware.

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Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) is the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of versatile, high-performance ultrasonic phased array equipment.

We help OEM manufacturers, integrators, resellers, and service companies improve results and save money. We partner with NDE thought leaders, institutions, researchers, and academics to create further advancements.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and design breakthroughs incorporate techniques like Full-Matrix Capture (FMC) and advanced Total Focus Method (TFM) for faster, clearer, more accurate results in both real-time and post-processing.

Affordable OEM-PA configurations are available in 16/16, 16/128, 32/32, 32/128, 64/64, 128/128, and 256/256 as bare components or compact enclosures.

OEM-PA is compact enough to be portable or mounted on scanners and eliminates long, expensive umbilical cables. Lightning-fast USB 3.0 data transfer is also available on 128/128 systems.

OEM-PA is an open platform, and our latest technology easily incorporates into your automated or manual testing environment. Create custom applications in C++, C#, MATLAB, and LabView. We provide open-source code examples, tutorial videos, and detailed documentation, so creating custom software and dedicated applications can be simple.

We offer OEM-MC multichannel instruments in 16 or 32 channels for traditional NDT.


Products & Services

Windows API/SDK

  • API working at high, medium or low level
  • Application examples with Ascan and Bscan display (OEM-PA Tool, OEM-PA Sector)
  • Source code examples (C++, C#, Python…etc.)
  • Receive each A-scan in a buffer that can be interfaced to your own software
  • Single element GUI with source code provided


  • Now you can develop your software for OEM-PA in a Linux environment!
  • API functions for C++
  • SDK tools: OEM-PA Tool
  • Example Source Code