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Albatraoz Technologies India Private Limited



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Albatraoz Technologies India Private Limited is an Engineering Supportive Service that provides the following;

  • Specialized Services
  • Allied Services
  • Albatraoz Institutes of Technology 
  • Rope Access & Allied work on Fields 
Products & Services
Specialized Services

Rope Access Services Working on heights upto 150 Meters with Irata Qualified Crew and Equipment.

  • Rig,Ship
  • Towers
  • Columns
  • Flares
  • Storage tanks
  • Cranes
  • Buildings
  • Tunnels Inspections-Repairs-constructions services for all the major Industrial Sectors.

Robotic Underwater Visual Inspections-NDT-Cleaning-Maintenance

  • Underwater activities made easy with our Robotic Equipment. Cost effective-No man entry-Limited safety approvals from higher Authorities.

Robotic Mapping-Inspections using flying Drones

  • Our special Industrial flying Machines designed for Inspections will support and reduce your time to utilize in productivity.

Third Party Inspection Services

  • We are specialized Third Party Inspection operators chain in India Market with More than 5000 Members with all type of qualifications for Multi- Industrial sector PAN India Requirement.All time Available - ASNT LEVEL-III, API-510,570,653,BAGAS,NACE,Chartered Engineers, LEEA,PCN,PAUT,ACFM,AWS,CSWIP.

Corrosion Mapping Services for Cross country Pipe lines

  • Internal and External pipe corrosion mapping solutions using various High End Inspection Technologies. Suites for Industrial plant pipes, Critical location pipes,Cross Country Pipe Lines.

Allied Services

NDT Inspection Services - Ultrasonic Testing

  • We offer Ultrasonic flaw detection services for weld defect , Material scanning for lamination and corrosion finding. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging as per all International class approved vessels/Ships using world class equipment's through coat & High Temperature probes upto 500 deg. temperature. Our facilities can be used for refinery assets.

Ultrasonic Testing Phased array Services

  • Best in services PAUT/ToFD Services for Pressure vessels , Storage Tanks, Pipe Lines.

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

  • High and Low Voltage coil and Pad methods to support highly skilled welders to weld high thickness jobs. We are available to support online welding mega projects for flares/stacks on any height with 24 hours back end support with stress reliving services

NDT Services

  • Liquid Penetrate Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Eddy Current for Weld Inspection,LFET,MFL,IRIS,Corrosion Mapping with UT-A-B-C Scan,Robotic crawlers,Hardness Testing,Positive Material Identification, Coating Inspection, Holiday Testing,Vaccum box Testing. We are know and experienced in performing variety of required Testing to respected Industries.

Marine assets Testing and Repair

  • Albatraoz with good knowledge with Marine Assets to do Inspections and Maintenance - FPSO , Ships, Rigs , Offshore Wind Energy farms. We are equipped with all the solutions required.

Non-Destructive Testing Training & Certification Renewal

  • We provide virtual & Inhouse NDT Training for Level-I and Level-II candidates

ISO courses

Welding and Painting Pre-Preparation courses

BOSEIT and HUT with CDC courses

Safety and Confine space certifications

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