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AITECH JSC specializes in providing high-tech NDT inspection services for many fields.

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AITECH JOINT STOCK COMPANY (AITECH) is a Professional Quality and Technical Service & Training Company, whom specialist in Basic and Advance NDT, we AITECH officially established its operations in Vietnam in the various technical fields in response to the growing demand, March 2011 by a group of Specialist Engineers and Technicians specializing AITECH offers completely range of on Destructive Testing Services (NDT) & Specialized Inspection, Expedition Services of majority of clients, such as Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Piping in the fields of Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical Energy, Power Plants, Mechanical Fabricators & Construction Industries in Vietnam and Asia. The Company also provides Inspection and NDT Services for the Structures of Ship Building, Onshore & Offshore Structures, Bridge and Building Construction, Engineering Consulting Services and Technical Development Services for Production, Mechanical and Electrical Fields. AITECH is currently growing strength to strength due to professional approach and quick responses to all the clients as per their requirement. Today, AITECH is one of the best Quality Service for NDT & Testing Inspection Company in Vietnam, having direct and indirect qualified personnel mostly experienced multidiscipline Inspection Personnel, whom could play key role in the area of Inspection Business Operation a big success.

Granted certificates from the leading of quality assessment organizations in the world and domestic .

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

Our expert:

  • ASNT NDT Level III AE, IRT, ET, LT, MT, MFL, NR,  PT, RT, UT ,VT (ASNT ID: 204062)
  • ISO 9712 Level III (MT, PT, RT, UT & VT) ID: 11564-2016-02 Welds Sector
  • PED Level III (MT, PT, RT, UT & VT),
  • EN4179/NAS410 NDT Level III (UT, PT, MT, ET, RT, & IRT),
  • API 510, API 570, API 653 
  • Email:   
  • Mob:+84 908886827, (Viber/Whatapps/Zalo)
Products & Services

We provide training suitable for employer based certification to Levels 1, 2, and 3 to SNT- TC-1A, EN4179, and NAS410 programs. We provide training for ASNT Level 3 and EN 4179 for a range of methods. Choose from a variety of NDT methods, including Visual inspection, Penetrant inspection, Magnetic particle inspection, Radiographic inspection, Ultrasonic inspection, Eddy Current inspection and Material Evaluation. We supply to companies in a wide range of industrial sectors; Power, Nuclear, Shipping, Defence, Aerospace, Transport, Leisure, Pre-service, In-Service, Oil, Gas, Electricity and Pressure Vessels.

  • +  Magnetic Particle Testing (MT Level I, II, III)

  • +  Penetrant Testing (PT Level I, II, III)

  • +  Radiographic Testing (RT Level I, II, III)

  • +  Ultrasonic Testing (UT Level I, II, III)

  • +  Visual Testing (VT Level I, II, III)

  • +  Eddy Current Testing (ET level I, II, III)

  • +  Infrared Thermo graphic Testing (IRT level I, II, III)

  • +  Leak Testing (LT level I, II, III)

  • +  Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing (MFL level I, II, III)

    +  Acoustic Emission Testing (AET Level I, II, III)

  • +  Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

    + Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) 


1. API 510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector)

The objective of API Pressure Vessel Inspector Program is to improve management control of process unit in operation, repair and maintenance. Also the reduction of potential for inspection delays resulting from regulatory requirements. Pressure Vessel Inspector provides a continued high level of safety through the use of inspectors specialized in process equipment. The program encourages self-regulation and establishes a

uniform national program than endeavors state and local governments in pressure vessel regulations.

2. API 570 (Piping Inspector)

The API Piping Inspector Program is structured in
such way to give a detailed understanding of the
required engineering knowledge for API 570 In-
service Piping Inspection and provide required
preparation in the form of lectures by experts and model examination for attaining the API 570 In-Service Piping Inspection Certification.

3. API 653 (Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector)

The API Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification Program is issued together with Supplement 1 to API 653, Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction. This program promotes safe storage and material handling of petroleum products in a way that protects employees, the public and the environment. The development of the program is with the participation storage tank owner/users and establishes a uniform national program that will assist state and local governments in aboveground storage tank regulations. 


In-service Inspection

Full NDT spectrum on any aircraft, quick response and flexibility are the main drivers of the solution. AITECH provides fully equipped inspectors for scheduled or non-scheduled NDT in-service inspections, service bulletins, or airworthiness directives. We guarantee a quick response for AOG. AITECH is synonymous with quality inspection and testing. Our facilities can accommodate any aircraft inspection job.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

Our facility can process with Type I, Method A, C & D, Dry powder developer or non aqua’s method for component size up to 3 meters in major dimension.


Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing

Magneflux: 3 phase FWDC bench unit with 6000A magnetizing current and separate AC aperture coil for demagnetization. Max. Component size: 1250 mm in length and 250 mm diameter. 

Eddy Current Testing
High and low frequency inspection for crack detection, Conductivity measurement & non conducting coating thickness on aircraft structures and component.


Ultrasonic Testing
Contact method - Full service ultrasonic testing to detect crack, corrosion on reinforced plastic, aircraft structures & components. honey comp structures and thickness Bond testing
For testing Honey comp structure inter ply delamination and disband.

Radiographic Testing
Lab based
Film radiographic testing using 300 kV x-ray machine for inspection of aircraft material, component, weldments & casting. On site X- Ray inspection of aircraft structures and componenting 200 kV machine.
Infrared Thermography
Passive and Active infrared thermography NDT water ingress and fault location.


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