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Airstar Inc.

Airstar Inc. was founded in California in 2001 by partners with decades of expertise in the non-destructive testing industry.

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United States

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Airstar Inc. was founded in California in 2001 by partners with decades of expertise in the non-destructive testing industry.


As an engineering company, Airstar is developing and designing digital instrumentation and systems for the automated testing of advanced materials, such as composites and honeycomb sandwiches; highly attenuating materials, such as pultruded materials, wood, concrete, and rubber (tires). The company manufactures instrumentation and scanning systems. Research and development emphasize air-coupled ultrasound, digital signal processing, and acousto-ultrasonics.

As a marketing organization, Airstar distributes digital ultrasonic equipment and scanning systems worldwide, with locations both in the USA and Europe. 


The company is supported by leading experts in the development of sophisticated digital instrumentation, software, signal processing, and pattern recognition, and by experienced mechanical engineers and manufacturers. The founders have over 25 years of experience in ultrasonic testing worldwide, in all possible environments and materials, for a wide range of customers among the nuclear, petrochemical, aerospace, infrastructure, and naval industries. The company’s engineers are skilled in manufacturing and assembling electronic equipment, automated testing systems, and the development of high-tech systems and lasers.

Products & Services
C-Scan Scanners


Airstar Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of automated systems for ultrasonic testing. A novel ultrasonic C-scan instrument and software were developed. It combines the ultrasonic pulser/receiver with motion control and data acquisition by using the same bus. Rather than collecting just an amplitude, it saves complete A-scans for each single pixel of the C-scan image. Post-processing of the C-scan allows to vary gate positions and other parameters after the scanning process.

Thickness Guage


Sawmills are industrial environments that demand accurate laser sensors under harsh conditions.

The laser displacement sensors that we use are a series of high-accuracy measuring devices for industrial applications using triangulating laser displacement sensors to satisfy your range requirements with excellent accuracy and sensitivity.

Blow Detectors


  • Exceptional sensitivity for thick panels achieved with super-low noise receivers.
  • Durable, low-maintenance Piezo-Ceramic transducers.
  • Suitable for very harsh environments such as rip saws, sanders, and press out-feed.
  • Stable and repeatable results achieved through periodic reference calibration.
  • A variety of defect classification options.
  • Can replay production runs offline to optimize the grading scheme.
  • Different sensors are available to meet plant-specific line speed, product, and thickness specifications.
  • User-friendly interface makes for easy operation and diagnostics.

Consistent defect classification reduces “mis-mark” rejects while ensuring on-grade quality products to your Customers.

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