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Air Gas Electronic Materials India Pvt Ltd

Air Gas Electronic Materials Enterprise Co., Ltd (AGEM) is a manufacturer. Our head office is located in Taiwan. With over 20 years of experience



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Air Gas Electronic Materials Enterprise Co., Ltd (AGEM) is a manufacturer. Our head office is located in Taiwan. With over 20 years of experience in the supply of industrial, ultra high purity pure gases, speciality gases, high purity materials, gas and chemical delivery systems and engineering requirements including design and consultancy to the semiconductor, solar, LED, DRAM, TFT-LCD, oil and gas, R & D, institutions and all types of industries.

AGEM can provide you with the necessary materials to launch your products to the cutting edge of the industry. Our products (BCL3, N2O, C2F6, C4F8, C4F6, CHF3, SiH4, SF6, CF4, Neon, GeH4 and etc.) satisfy the electronics industry’s exacting standards for safety, quality, control, reliability and performance, and we offer a value-add portfolio of ultra-high-purity process gases, precursors and sputtering targets to meet your needs. And with state-of-the-art facilities in China mainland, Taiwan, India, UK and UAE we have the means to maintain a reliable product supply for our customers across the Globe.

Products & Services

Features & Benefits:

  • Gas cabinet or rack mounted for Inert, toxic hazardous gases; semi-auto or fully automatic with a touchscreen interface
  • Single-, Dual- and multiple-process panel configurations & engineered to process requirements
  • Optional purge panel with purge procedure proven in corrosive applications, such as F2, HF, HCl, and WF6
  • Life safety relay logic to override PLC for fire, leak, toxic and facility shutdowns with relay feedback
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Gas Cabinet

A wide range of cabinets, controllers and panels can be configured into a system engineered to match your needs. In addition, an extensive list of options are available to meet the industry standards in nearly every gas system. Gas Distribution Systems have a proven record for semiconductor applications with 99.999% uptime. AGEM also provides custom systems and solutions in circumstances where standard configurations are not sufficient.

The family of controllers includes a manual switch for cylinder changeover, a semi-automatic changeover that monitors pressure or cylinder weight and fully automated changeover, complete with user-configurable alarms and operating parameters, such as timers and set points.

Controller Options

  • Manual switch for automatic cylinder changeovers
  • Semi-auto systems with automatic switchover
  • Fully automated systems with purge routines

Panel Options

  • Purge panel
  • Regulator
  • Purifiers
  • Pressure switch
  • Transmitter
  • Process panel
  • Manual panels, 3–8 valves
  • Automatic panels, 5–8 valves
  • Purifiers & filters
  • Pressure switches
  •  Transmitters
  • Flow switches
  • Test valves
  • Pressure switch
  • Manual isolation valves
  • Emergency shutoff valves

Safety Options

  • UV/IR sensor
  • Temperature switch
  • Leak sensor
  • Door interlocks
  • Remote shutdown relays
  • EMO
  • Sprinklers
  • Heat
  • Cool (Chiller)

Features & Benefits:

  • Inert, toxic and hazardous gases; manual, semi-auto and fully automatic with a touch-screen interface in Cabinet or panel mount
  • AGEM 8 individual UHP gas sticks in a compact enclosure
  • Straight-through valve design improves gas flow and reduces internal volume
  • Optional vent with vacuum generator; N2 purge for efficient and safe purging of hazardous gases
  • ESO or stick shutdown capability for individual tool control
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Valve Manifold Box

The AGEM Valve Manifold Box (VMB) provides safe and reliable distribution points for a gas system. The VMB can include up to eight individual sticks distributing gas from a single supply line. An optional integrated vacuum generator and N2 purge provide a safe and eff ective means of purging the lines for service. The VMB system can be configured for a fully automatic system, a semi-automatic system or a fully manual system with ESO capability.

Controller Options

  • Manual push-button
  • Up to 8-stick semi-auto
  • Up to 4-stick auto
  • Up to 8-stick auto

VMB Features

  • UV/IR sensor
  • Temperature switch
  • Door interlocks
  • Remote shutdown relays
  • EMO
  • Sprinklers
  • Toxic monitors

Optional VMB Accessories

  • Door/Window Sensors: Provide programmable alarm if door or window is opened
  • Toxic Monitor: Monitors enclosure continuously for any sign of toxic leak
  • Fire Sensors: Standard temperature switch or optional UV/IR or dual IR sensors
  • Panel Heater for LVP gases
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