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Aimen Technology Center

AIMEN participates in a European project to promote the implementation and use of photonic technologies in SMEs.

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AIMEN Technology Centre was set up in 1967 as an initiative of the industry as a non-profit private association. The Centre is focused on developing and strengthening the competitive capacities of companies through the promotion and execution of R&D&i activities, as well as providing technological services of high added value.

The goal of the AIMEN is to be a technological and strategic partner, thus contributing to improving their technological capabilities and increasing their competitiveness.

AIMEN expertise in advanced manufacturing has enabled a cross-sectorial collaboration activity with several industrial areas that go from aeronautics to chemical and petrochemical, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, energy, metal mechanical, etc. To a wide range of industrial sectors, AIMEN provides technological services and engages in R&D&i activities in different areas such as High-Performance Materials, Smart Manufacturing, Laser-Based Manufacturing, Laser-assisted manufacturing, Micro and High Precision Manufacturing, and Environmental Technologies.

AIMEN is involved in many regional, national, and international networks; the most relevant are listed herein:

- Associations promoting the contractual Private-Public Partnerships: EFFRA, EuRobotics, Photonics21, Vessels for the Future.

- European Technology Platforms: MANUFACTURE (sub-platforms for Joining and Additive manufacturing), EuMAT, Photonics21, and WssTP.

- Other networks: EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations), SECPhO (Southern European Cluster in Photonics & Optics), European Laser Institute, European Federation for Welding, Joining, and Cutting, EUCOG (European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction, and Robotics), EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium).

AIMEN holds the Technical Secretariat of the Spanish Photonics Platform Fotónica21 and the national mirror group of the European Photonics Technology Platform, Photonics21.

Products & Services
Manufacturing Engineering

The provision of services to the manufacturing industry is one of our mainstays. We are specialized in welding and joining technologies, heat treatments and materials processing with laser technologies; as well as robotic and automation applications.

We provide solutions related to:


Process design. Selection, evaluation and implementation of technologies and processes.

  • Welding technologies: MIG / MAG, arc welding, narrow gap, RSW, coated electrode, etc.
  • Joining technologies: mechanical joints (clinching, riveting), adhesives, hybrid solutions.
  • Laser technologies: cutting, welding, additive manufacturing (LDM), cladding, heat treatment, microprocessing: drilling, machining, surface activation ...
  • Production process automation and robotization
  • Heat treatments: volumetric and surface
  • Weld cladding
  • Thermally assisted forming processes: flame, induction, laser.
  • Processing of polymeric materials: injection, extrusion, infusion, rotational molding (RTM), thermoforming, etc.

Identification, selection of equipment, investment evaluation and calculation of return rates

Process control

  • Process auditing. Risk analysis and points of improvement.
  • Technical support for process implementation and resolution of problematic issues.
  • Fine tuning and improvement of industrial welding processes.
  • Verification of production and quality control equipment
  • Laser beam quality measurement.
  • Verification of welding equipment.
  • Certification of ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment.
  • Others

Laser Safety: design of facilities, safe operation protocols and best practices.


  • Welding of prototypes and special fabrications
  • Cladding and special welding repairs
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