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Aerospace Inspection Training Malta Ltd.

AIT Malta is holds a limited number of courses yearly in the following methods: Eddy Currents, Ultrasonics, Thermography & Phased Array Ultrasonics. ​Training and Recertifications can also be scheduled in Malta or at your facilites by appointment.


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Following the success of Aerospace Inspection Training in the United Kingdom in 1980, a new facility is now present in Malta. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Aerospace Inspection Training Malta Ltd. offers Non-Destructive Testing Training, Examinations, and Level 3 Consultancy for the Aerospace Industry. The staff's hands-on experience in the Aircraft Maintenance scene ensures a knowledgeable and professional approach to the client's needs.

During its initial year, AIT Malta held a limited number of courses in the following methods: Eddy Currents, Ultrasonics, Thermography & Phased Array Ultrasonics.

Onsite Training and Recertifications can be scheduled by appointment.

Products & Services
Training & Exams

  • The curriculum for all Level I/II NDT classes meets or exceeds the requirements of Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, NAS 410, EN 4179, ISO 9712, PCN Gen and EN473.
  • The Level I/II NDT classes include 50 per cent hands-on training to support the theory portion of the course.
  • All Level I/II NDT classes include preparation for Employer Based qualification examinations as required by the customer.
  • Level II and Level III refresher training is offered in a workshop format. The workshop provides training materials and examinations to determine the weaknesses of the student, and one-on-one tuition from our Level III instructor to develop those weak areas.
  • All training programmes are supported by a detailed training manual for each student. The manual includes daily quizzes that are reviewed by the instructor and are intended to provide an indication of progress to both the student and the instructor.
Onsite Training and Certification

On-Site Training & Certification flexibility, convenience, and cost effectiveness are the cornerstone of AITMs’ on-site training programme. AITM operates three on-site options to meet your different training and certification requirements:

In-House Programme :

A traditional on-site training program whereby one company sponsors the training and/or examinations at their facility for their employees and/or contractors.

Partnership Programme :

For smaller companies who find on-site training non cost effective due to the small number of staff requiring training or certification. The partnership programme allows companies to `partner’ together to hold a class that includes students from each of the companies. In choosing this on-site option the cost per student is kept at a cost effective rate to all the participating companies.

Sub-Contract Programme :

The choice for those companies with their own training facilities but with insufficient specialist employees to hold a traditional in-house programme. With this option, the course is opened to the public and the sponsoring company receives discounts on employee registration fees. For more information and a quotation on these programmes contact Barbara in the first instance. Minimum student numbers, or fixed rate contracts apply to these courses.

Certification Services.

Examination in Malta are provided by Aerospace Inspection Training Ltd in the UK, who is an experienced UK National Aerospace NDT Board and BINDT Approved Level 3 Outside Agency for the administration of qualification examinations for employer based certification.

Under the ‘Employer Based’ system, the certification of your personnel is usually performed in response to your customer, governments, or code requirements. It is also performed to develop your business and protect you against possible legal liability, because certification implies that NDT personnel are properly qualified. Certification is usually performed according to one or more of the following documents:

  • SNT-TC-1A
  • EN 4179/NAS 410
  • BAE SYSTEMS RO5-6267
  • Airbus A1083

In these schemes it is the responsibility of the employer to produce and implement a ‘Written Practice’ detailing the process of training, experience, examination and certification of their NDT personnel. Companies that adopt this approach may wish to employ the services of an Outside Agency Level III to administer their examinations. The AIT Examiners, who are all centrally qualified at Level III, provide this service and can also assist with the preparation and production of a written practice tailored to your company.

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