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Aerospace Manufacturing Software to digitalise production, auditing and quality processes, and improve supplier & customer relationships.


United Kingdom

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AeroDNA is the UK's leading provider of aerospace unique process software, providing modular ERP systems designed around the niche requirements of chemical processing, heat treating, plating, NDT, and more.

Our systems digitalize production, simplify AS9100 & Nadcap compliance, and streamline supplier & customer communication to improve productivity for aerospace treatment companies.

Founded by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the aerospace sector, we have embedded our expertise into our software systems to help companies.

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Products & Services
AeroDNA: Special Process

Digitalise all areas of your business with software perfectly suited to managing the complex operational, technical and commercial requirements of Aerospace Special Processes.

Challenges for Special Process Companies

It is increasingly critical for aerospace special process houses to secure AS9100 and NADCAP approvals. However, this significantly increases paperwork, non-value-added processes and indirect costs which can erode margin as customers’ perception is that these approvals are order qualifiers.

Yet traditional MRP or Production Control systems based for manufacturing cannot map the required process for applying a finish to a product, rather than manufacturing the part itself.

And with increasing demand, customers provide very limited visibility of future order book requirements, such as batch sizes and processing requirements, yet expect turnaround with days, or even hours.

AeroDNA: Special Process

AeroDNA: Special Process is a highly configurable solution, designed by a team that have owned and managed several special process companies. We understand the paperwork, capacity planning and customer visibility challenges facing metal finishing businesses.

Configured to the DNA of Your Business

AeroDNA has the flexibility to be configured to the needs of a range of metal finishing companies, and can be locked down for complete control of business processes. It standardises best practice workflow, paperwork, resource planning and performance measures to improve competitiveness of your business and ensuring compliance with AS9100 and NADCAP requirements.

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