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Advanced Inspection Services

AIS was formed legally and registered as a liability company in April 2007 under the name Inspection Advanced Services (Inspect AS)


Saudi Arabia

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AIS was formed legally and registered as a liability company in April 2007 under the name Inspection Advanced Services (Inspect AS)

Effective since December 2009, the company was renamed AIS (Advanced Inspection Services Co). In December 2010, in order to improve its quality of service and to enlarge its field of work, AIS became a partner with one of the biggest technical inspection company in North Africa called TIC (Technical Inspection and Control) based in Tunisia.

AIS is a third party inspection company, the head office is located in Al Khobar and its operation branches in Al Jubail, Yanbu, Jizan and Jeddah  in Saudi Arabia, it has been designed to specialize in industrial inspection and non destructive testing (NDT) with focus on mechanized and automated techniques to cover the growing demand of quality control in the KSA.


Our mission is to provide a complete service with honest personnel who have exhibited superior understanding of the testing method preserving the highest level of impartiality and integrity


As one of many industrial inspecitons in the market, AIS company’s vision is to earn our customer’s enthusiasm through continous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our employees.

Products & Services
Magnetic testing

Color, fluorescent, AC / permanent yokes

Magnetic testing (MT) is a nondestructive method widely used in the field of materials technology.

This method allows highlighting discontinuities or cracks open out or close to the surface. This technique works only on ferromagnetic material.

Magnetic particle inspection (magnetic examination) is used to make surface defects visible on magnetizable materials (iron, steel). In a new construction, the magnetic examination makes it possible to detect cracks, cracks, etc. during the various manufacturing phases, both in welding preparations and in welds. Magnetic examination can also be applied to detect fatigue cracks (as a result of metal fatigue) in installations in service


  • Control only on ferromagnetic part
  • Control of new part during production and equipment in service
  • Suitable for parts that have been sanded or shot blasted


  • Simplicity and speed (faster than penetrant testing)
  • Easy to detect through and underlying faults (approximately 2 mm). Defects can be matted or blocked
  • Very good fault detection sensitivity
LRUT (Long Range Ultrasonic Testing)

The technique is used industries for a method to detect corrosion in pipelines, now widely used to inspect pipes in accessible areas such as road and river crossings, power plant tubing, risers, offshore topside pipe work, jetty lines, cross country pipe lines and refinery pipe work.

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