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3RDPI Ltd trading as 3PI

Comprehensive 3rd party inspection services (NDT-AIM-Statutory-Worksafe Compliance) across all industry sectors, throughout New Zealand (on and offshore).


New Zealand

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3PI provides a non-biased inspection service to our clients to ensure their products meet New Zealand or International standards, and client specifications. 3PI's work scope includes:

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services
  • Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Services
  • Welding Procedures and Welder Qualifications
  • Statutory Inspection Services
  • ROV & UAV services
  • Work Safe Compliance Certifier

Our employees are highly qualified, and we combine the latest products and equipment in order to be more cost-effective for our clients.

Our experience in NDT and inspection services encompasses onshore and offshore projects, mining sites, construction projects, subsea pipelines, oil platform maintenance, oil terminals, refineries, paper mill plants, food process plants, chemical plants, structural steel and marine industry.

Products & Services
Non-Destructive Testing

Conventional NDT

  • VT - Visual Inspection
  • RT - Radiographic Test
  • UT - Ultrasonic Test
  • MT - Magnetic Particle Test
  • PT/DPI/LPI - Dye Penetrant Test
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Hardness Testing
  • Vacuum Box Test
  • Rope Access 

Advanced NDT

  • ECA - Eddy Current Array Testing
  • PAUT - Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing & TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
  • IRIS - Internal Rotary Inspection System
  • RFT - Remote Field Testing
  • NFT - Near Field Testing
  • NFA - Near Field Array
  • MFL - Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • LRUT - Long Range Ultrasonic Testing
  • PEC - Pulsed Eddy Current Testing
PQR / WPS & Welder Quals
  • PQR - Procedure Qualification Record​
  • WPS - Welding Procedure Specification
  • WPQ - Welder Performance Qualification

3rd Party Inspections provide Welding Procedures and Welder's Qualifications to relevant Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS), and also ASME and EN standards.

They have the expertise to ensure your all of your welding is up to the correct standard.

Asset Integrity Management
  • API 653 (Above Storage Tank Inspector)
  • API 510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector)
  • API 570 (Piping Inspector)

Asset Integrity Management Services by 3PI, effectively manages corporate assets for maximum value, and profitability, while protecting staff, the community and the environment. A true Asset Integrity Management Program incorporates design, maintenance, inspections, processes, operations and management concepts; to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure and equipment.

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