Published on 18-Mar-2024

Weld Inspection: A Complete Guide

Weld Inspection: A Complete Guide

Welds can be found throughout all critical infrastructures and many key manufactured assets in everyday society. The NDT of welds is often a critical element in the assurance of safety and performance and eddy current testing is a core inspection technology in this field.

ETher's NDE equipment has all been built to meet BS EN 1711:2000 non-destructive examination of welds: Eddy Current Examination of welds by complex plane analysis. ETher’s Eddy current flaw detectors and Weld Probes can be used within a number of industries and NDT Applications, these include:

  • Offshore

Commonly used for weld inspection where EC replaces MPI, so there is no need to remove surface coatings and could cover oil storage tanks, marine and shipping infrastructures. Ideal for NDT technology for rope access inspection

  • Nuclear

Widely used across the nuclear industry, Eddy Current Testing NDT can be used conventional manual scanning and with automated scanning technologies

  • Rail

Used for the manual inspection of defects in rails, transportation wheels, bogeys, and chassis. Eddy current has also proven to be much more reliable than ultrasonic testing when conducting axle inspection

  • Other

There are many incidences where welds can be found and need to be inspected for example - bridges, steel-framed buildings, overhead traffic control systems, amusement park rides.

Application Notes:


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Application Notes