Published on 04-Mar-2024

Visual Inspection Solutions for Power Generation Turbines

Visual Inspection Solutions for Power Generation Turbines

In power generation plants and facilities, turbines are essential pieces of machinery. Steam and gas turbines are operated under extremely high temperatures and pressures, so maintaining the stability and safety of these machines under these harsh conditions is critical to ensuring the plant’s maximum output.

Remote visual inspection is a cost-effective and efficient method to detect potential defects before they cause damage that results in prolonged down time and financial losses.

Here are some of the advantages offered by our turnkey visual inspection kits for power generation turbine maintenance:

High-Quality Imaging

Exceptional image quality helps you quickly locate indications for faster decision making and enhanced efficiency. Get a clear view of all the internal components of the turbine, from the large space inside a combustion chamber to a close-up on a compressor or steam turbine blade.

Powerful Measurement Features

For continued stable and safe turbine operation, remote visual inspectors are required to accurately diagnose defects. The IPLEX™ videoscope’s fine-tuned measurement capability gives you confidence in the results.

Scopes for Multiple Jobs

Interchangeable scopes in various diameters and lengths are available to perform different types of engine inspections with one IPLEX system. Spare scopes can also help reduce downtime if a scope repair is needed.

Visual Inspection Kits for Power Generation Turbines

Our videoscope inspection kits include an IPLEX videoscope with 3D visual measurement and other recommended tools for high-quality inspections of power generation turbines. An optimally configured turnkey solution, our kit's components enable efficient and accurate inspection for steam and gas turbine maintenance.

  • J-shaped tube: Optimized for general combustion chamber inspections, the J-shaped tube enables you to guide the scope in a specific direction and against gravity when required.
  • Flex and stay tube: Pliable yet rigid tube that can be shaped freely. Easily bend the tube in any shape to reach your target.

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