Published on 01-Nov-2023

Vanta Work Station for XRF Analyzers

Vanta Work Station for XRF Analyzers

What is the Vanta Work Station? 

The Vanta Work Station enables your Vanta handheld XRF analyzer to be used as a fully interlocked system. Set it up as a rugged, portable field laboratory or on a benchtop.

This gives you the freedom to start a test in the Work Station and complete other tasks while the Vanta analyzer performs the analysis. With consistent sample positioning and efficient throughput, the Vanta Work Station helps ensure high-quality results.

How do you use the Vanta Work Station? 

To begin closed-beam testing with the Vanta Work Station, follow these simple steps:

  • Provide power to the Work Station via battery or DC input
  • Click the Vanta analyzer into place
  • Close the sliding lid, which is balanced and has a damping mechanism to prevent slamming
  • Start tests and transfer data wirelessly or via a USB cable connection 

And that’s it! Once you’re done testing, you can easily release the analyzer by pressing a button.

Who can use the Vanta Work Station? 

The Vanta Work Station can be used for testing with Vanta M Series, C Series, and L Series handheld XRF analyzers. The Work Station is especially useful for applications that may require longer test times, including mining process control, environmental analysis, geological exploration, RoHS, and consumer products.

Is the Vanta Work Station portable? 

The Vanta Work Station works on battery power or AC power for both benchtop and field use. For added flexibility, the Work Station is easy to transport and set down. The chamber and legs separate for easy storage. An optional carry case is available if you need to transport your Work Station.

How does the Work Station keep me safe from X-ray exposure? 

The safety interlock feature helps ensure the analyzer stops emitting X-rays as soon as the lid opens. In addition, radiation warning LED lights display prominently at all angles during a test.

How big is the test chamber? 

The Vanta Work Station measures 107 mm × 178 mm × 179 mm (4.2 in. × 7 in. × 7 in.).

Can I watch a virtual demo? 

Want to learn more? Check out the Vanta Work Station for yourself, and explore the other accessories for Vanta handheld XRF analyzers.


Brochure: Vanta Work Station

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