Published on 19-Jan-2023

The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin Paperback

The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin Paperback

Welcome to the World of NDE 4.0

Digital transformation of the inspection systems is inevitable. Pursuit of this opportunity amidst uncertainty makes “a well-defined purpose” and “robust process” essential. This book provides an overview of the purpose of NDE 4.0 (why?), underlying technologies (what?) and ways to overcome the challenges (how?) to successfully pursue confluence of emerging digital technologies with the evolving physical world of inspection.

Authors are inspiring readers, leaders, and the community to address the next revolution in digital-physical confluence in Nondestructive Evaluation, with a purpose to concurrently Enhance Safety and Bring Economic Value to stakeholders of the inspection ecosystem.” System level integration of digital technologies such as machine learning, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and automation will create a platform, where specific applications can evolve to make inspections more reliable and cost effective. Just like a smart phone; where the integration of Wi-Fi, processor, memory, GPS, camera, display, and a bunch of other sensors has completely changed the world in 10 years, in ways that were not originally perceived. Such is the exponential power of digital-physical integration. We cannot predict all the changes, but we must prepare and work through the challenges associated with technology integration and adoption.

This book is here to help you start your transformational journey.

Testimonials on the Back cover...

The book NDE 4.0 sheds light on what is necessary to adequately meet the many challenges from every perspective and thus provides nourishment for every reader who wants to approach the topic. The comparison made in the book to a journey that one embarks on as soon as one follows the path of NDE 4.0 becomes increasingly clear from chapter to chapter. This makes the book an indispensable travel companion for anyone who wants to take in all the attractions of the NDE 4.0 journey.

- Dr. Anton Erhard and Dr. Thomas Wenzel, DGZfP

This book provides invaluable insights into the value and use of NDE 4.0 for all – from technicians to corporate leaders!

- Dr. Claudia Kropas-Hughes, Fellow ASNT, Fellow ASME

This is a very well written book and an excellent source for NDE4.0 from two of the leaders in the field!

- Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Christian Grosse, TU Munich

This is a captivating narrative that reveals the complex concepts of NDE 4.0, even to a layperson, by provoking our thinking process, in every section, through this easy reading book.

- Prof Krishnan Balasubramaniam, Head CNDE IIT Madras

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