Published on 01-Nov-2023

The 4 Fundamental Parts Of Your Laser Measurement System

The 4 Fundamental Parts Of Your Laser Measurement System

There are so many options of Laser Measurement devices available in the market that sometimes it may get a little challenging to select the best one that is genuinely suitable as per your requirements. Therefore, the easiest way to complete this challenging task is to learn and understand the key elements that are responsible for creating such a cooperating system. If these key elements are crystal clear for you to understand, then your choice of system will certainly become uncomplicated & perfect. 

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Let's move forward and read about the Laser Measurement Devices in detail to obtain in-depth knowledge about them. 

 Laser Transmitter

Laser Transmitter designs differentiate from each other immensely. This is because there are a lot of applications, and such systems are able to cope with a broad range of measurement tools that are needed to execute the entire process. In order to effectively transmit the laser over various options, numerous optics & mechanics are created to effectively interact and come up with a strong & reliable sense of reference. 

If the geometric applications are considered closely, it is normal for the laser to be an entirely detached & separated unit from the rest of the transmitter, one that is always incorporated into that very housing as another portion of the unit, the detector.

The detector

This integrates a photo sensitive device (PSD) that helps in gathering data through a single reading or two dimensions/axes of the laser beam on its surface area. In simple terms, the bigger the surface area of the photo sensitive device, the greater the range of the measurement.

The distance that is measured, will help in determining the diameter of a laser beam. Hence, the measurement systems that are expected to read data over long distances will need an enormous Photo Sensitive Device. Nonetheless, for the majority of users, a 20mm Photo Sensitive Device will be enough, making bigger detectors slightly common and more technical.

The brackets - 

Stability is the most significant factor for measuring accurately. Therefore, an adaptable bracket by the help of which transmitters and receivers are established onto objects to be assessed, is an essential substance. Moreover, the adaptability of these brackets should be taken into great consideration, especially if you are going to utilize the system for numerous other alignment and measuring jobs.

The software and display units

The main thing to understand here is the simplicity that comes with user-friendly tools and displays, and this particular factor makes it real quick when it comes to the interpretations & measurements of the collected information. The aspects that need to be watched out include being able to determine graphics easily, presentation of the most vital information only and the capability of controlling and evaluating through the applications installed on Android or IOS. Here, the user experience holds a great position & is seriously valuable, enabling even those with small experience in utilizing a laser measurement device to regulate the software effortlessly. 

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Here are some of the key factors that need to be focused on when choosing the correct system for your requirements; these include :

  1. Battery life of the system.
  2. Does the unit need to be waterproof or dust resistant?
  3. Is it to be utilized in a potentially volatile or explosive atmosphere? If this is the case, then the unit must be naturally safe to do so.
  4. Do you require a line or a dot laser?
    A line laser is simple to use for shaft alignments, and it provides a broad range of measurements. In contrast, the dot laser delivers the ultimate level of accuracy over long distances and for geometric measurements.

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