Published on 13-Oct-2020



Testia, an Airbus Company, constantly strives to improve its digital solutions through acquisition, process & analysis automation. The goal? To place the expert in the best conditions for accurate decision making while allowing faster and more precise data capture. A new version of the best-selling software NDTkit UT is released today, aiming at cutting costs and boosting efficiency – an opportunity during this crisis time and to prepare the new normal.

Nowadays most stakeholders are looking for options that would empower them to control their cost efficiency, lead times, and reactivity. NDTkit UT, also known as Ultis, introduces enhanced capabilities to support this mission.

NDTkit UT is a software for ultrasonic instruments data processing and automation. It was implemented thanks to the experience gained by more than 15 years of constant specification by Airbus and development by Testia, along with the trust of very relevant Aerospace players among which Ariane Group, Constellium, Collins, Dassault, Safran, & more, as well as several R&D institutes.

Main added-value and features can be synthetized as follows:

1. Streamlining quality system through multiple formats compatibility

NDTkit UT can work as a common diagnosis tool and help users on the challenging task of using acquisition data coming from many devices, be it portable or fixed; the software simply needs to read the external file to start the analysis.

2. Operational efficiency through extended automation and reporting

The automated analysis process aims at reducing human factor and saving time. This had actually been reported by existing users as a key criteria to optimize production. The whole point of this is to relieve the operator from conducting redundant tasks, keeping the focus on key steps and offering optimal data analysis for defect detection.


3. Continuous software maintenance and customer support

An extra benefit given by the heritage of NDTkit UT/Ultis is to enable users to read data during the whole life of aircraft or components. It is very important for users to be sure that the software can read UT data acquired long time ago and coming from different technologies. Besides, industrial regulations demand them to store readable data for 20 to 40 years. Testia supports NDTkit UT users by offering its experts and development team advisory capacities whenever new challenges appear.

With today’s release, NDTkit is going beyond in its diagnosis support through key new features:

- Single diagnosis tool even if using various UT instruments

  • New readers (Eddyfi Capture software and Olympus Focus PX instrument)
  • New converters (AOS-NDT, Fill, ScanMaster, TechniTest NDT and UTEX)

- Advanced processing tools

  • Continuous Histogram function
  • Enhanced matching superposition tool
  • Easier and quicker 3D data management
  • Comparison of thickness measurements with 3D CAD files
  • Enhanced defects contouring envelope
  • Automatic computation of A-scan gate amplitude threshold
  • Sub-defect screenshot function while reporting

- Automated capabilities to reduce human factor & save time

  • Get ready-to-share reports in Excel format in addition to Word
  • Script display menu for better ergonomics

Be it in Aerospace or other industries, for either raw materials or components manufacturing, NDTkit UT is the Testia answer to place the experts at the heart of the decision, with the right tools, the right data and at the optimal speed.


Testia, an Airbus Company, was created in 1991 and specialises in Aircraft Structure Integrity through a suite of inspections products and services. With a strong international network thanks to facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, Testia is the end-to-end NDT and Inspections provider. It offers a broad range of NDT and Quality Inspection Equipment/Machines for quick and efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly. Testia also trains and qualifies personnel in all NDT methods, at all qualification levels, while providing inspections, consultancy and engineering services.

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