Published on 01-Nov-2023

Tank Inspection with the Spectrum Kit STIK

Tank Inspection with the Spectrum Kit STIK

An adaptable inspection camera utilises the latest technology to provide user-friendly solutions for internal inspection of tanks, pressure vessels, bunkers and rail cars.

The introduction of the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIK to the Nexxis portfolio of high-tech industry equipment provides an advanced solution to the challenges of internal visual inspection. The essential task of ensuring the utmost in health and safety is simplified and improved by the advanced capabilities of this high-end, intelligent inspection camera.

Such a piece of equipment allows a simple method of non-destructive inspection of areas that are unsafe or inaccessible by humans. Problems such as defect location, foreign object detection, blockage inspection and quality control can be carried out quickly, and without the need to modify or disassemble units to be inspected. This in turn can enable planned, preventative maintenance, ensure the ongoing health and safety of plant and machinery, check new piping installations prior to commissioning, and locate faults, flaws and defects within enclosed, inaccessible areas such as combustion chambers and turbines. Such forward planning can be massively cost effective, and can help avoid costly shut-downs.

In keeping with all Nexxis products, the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM provides industry with a better, smarter solution that takes advantage of rapidly evolving technological developments. This is the latest in portable, intelligent Inspection Cameras (RVI) devised to meet the rigorous demands of many different industrial inspection environments. Industries such as nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemical, railway and underground services can all benefit from this latest advance.

Designed and developed by Inuktun, the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM is fashioned to meet user needs in a way that provides the solutions to needs, yet ensuring the utmost in safety for users. The key concepts are those of ease of use, automation, and the adherence to the strict health and safety needs in such environments.

Features of the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM include:

Turnkey camera solution

An innovative method for the visual inspection of tanks, underground services and numerous other vessels and pipelines with manhole or riser access. The powerful Spectrum 120HDTM high definition pan, tilt and zoom camera mounted on extendable pole is both easy and practicable to use.

Man portable

Mounted on a lightweight pole with a special hatch mounted assembly, the STIKTM can be quickly deployed and comfortably manoeuvred using only man power.

Employs IM3TM technology

Automated scanning function allows for easily generated, quantifiable, repeatable and actionable reports.


Provides a Full 360-degree internal tank inspection capabilities, and is easily adjusted to fit a wide range of openings. Gives the ability to assess liners, welds, fasteners, defects, corrosion and cleanliness. In addition, the Submersible Spectrum 120TM camera can also operate without the tank deployment hardware, making it an extended length drop camera for the visual inspection of wells, cassions and boreholes. Can also be used as a high-resolution addition to an Inuktun crawler.

The Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM offers faster, more versatile internal inspection ability, which in turn delivers greater efficiency and long-term cost reduction to users.

Advanced imaging and reporting is simplified, with features such as defog, image stabilization and optional colour enhancement ensuring the best picture and video results. Automate the inspection process with ICOMTM control and operation software that will automatically record a complete image of the tank interior for a year-over-year maintenance assessment.

The Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM offers a host of intuitive features and is supported by user-friendly software. While the equipment boasts the latest in technological advancement it remains durable and tough, specifically designed to meet the often harsh demands of many different industrial inspection environments.

Key specifications


Type: Spectrum 120HDTM high-definition pan, tilt and zoom camera mounted on an extendable pole
Material: Aluminium
Depth Rating: 60m/200ft
Zoom: 30x optical, 12x digital
Lighting: 2 spotlights, 2 floodlights


Length: 100m/330ft
Management: Portable mini reel with deck cable

Hatch Mount

Diameter range: 430-920mm/17-36in


Type: Pelican case PC controller
Software: ICONTM Pro

Standard Components: 1 Spectrum 120HCTM camera, laser lines, 2 spotlights, 2 flood lights, camera pole with mount, hatch mount assembly, STIKTM controller in Pelican case with ICONTM software

The ability to easily carry out internal vessel inspections on a regular basis is crucial, and the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIKTM utilises the very latest in evolved technological knowledge to bring a cost-effective solution that companies can rely on.

About Nexxis

Nexxis is committed to providing the latest technological advances to industry that are designed to provide cost-effective solutions. All equipment offered for sale or hire has been created to reduce project downtime and sustain apparatus life, and adhere to strict health and safety needs. Thanks to insider industry directors and development managers, Nexxis provide knowledgeable solutions to their customers in the form of the flexible equipment necessary to achieve business outcomes, both for their business and their own clients.

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