Published on 01-Nov-2023

Novoscan Software, the universal solution for all your needs!

Novoscan Software, the universal solution for all your needs!

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Novoscan software is a new universal product for all tasks with digital radiography. 

Many years of experience with digital detectors from different manufacturers and related software allowed our specialists to collect all the advantages of the most popular programs on the market of digital radiography and even more.

  • 2 clicks to get rid of noise
  • 2 clicks to change the contrast
  • 2 clicks to enhance image quality
  • 2 clicks to close another program and start using the modern solution 

A new experience with digital solutions, a new experience with the software. All this is possible when you try the demo version of the program on your PC and with your images.

Maximize Your Potential with Novoscan 

Novoscan software ensures complete compliance with the DICONDE standard for all images captured. The DCM format files accompanying the X-ray image, provide detailed metadata, including material, diameter, and thickness of the inspected object, as well as radiation source parameters, such as voltage, current, and exposure time. Additionally, pixel size, image resolution, and time and location references are included.

In the viewing mode, users have the option to scale, rotate, invert negative/positive images and adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness. These customizable tools allow users to obtain a clear image of the inspected object, highlighting all potential defects.

Choose Novoscan software for reliable and accurate results, backed by advanced features and DICONDE compliance.

Measurement tools in non-destructive testing include automatic calibration with a calibration ball, signal-to-noise ratio, spatial resolution, optical density, and measurement of defect sizes and wall thicknesses. All data and DICONDE tags are saved in the source file, and a variety of filters are available for image quality control.

Efficient Applications of the software

NOVOSCAN software has a wide range of applications, from mechanical engineering to the aviation industry, to the oil and gas sector. Multiple filters, stability of operation with various detectors and X-ray/ gamma sources, ability to work with CR, DR, and X-ray film digitizers

Benefits of Novoscan

  • Automatic search for calibration samples and blocks
  • Variety of powerful filters
  • Image stitching functions
  • ISO-17636-2 compliant operation
  • Double wall thickness measurements
  • Comfortable user interface 
  • Quick toggling between the different detectors within the program
  • Increased acquisition speed 
  • Automatic determination of SNR, CNR, IQI quality.
  • Image conversion functions with intensity changes, inversion, and filter blending.
  • Integration with the DICONDE database

Every day we gain experience, which allows us to improve and give our partners the best work experience.  

History of the company

Founded in 2001 as a sales company for non-destructive testing and material testing equipment, over the years of fruitful work we have established strong partnerships with most of the world's manufacturers. In 2017, with extensive experience and expertise in nondestructive testing and materials testing, we opened our own manufacturing division. 

Today, the focus of our team is focused on the digitalization of X-ray inspection. Through years of experience in NDT, we have developed solutions for digital X-ray inspection with matrix detectors as well as film digitization systems: Flat panel and flexible panel digital radiography (DR), film digitizers, and automated flat panel detector systems for trunk pipelines.

TWN Technology is actively developing complete solutions for the digitalization of nondestructive testing. 

To date, we have several solutions for this: 

- Automated digital radiography systems with flat panel detectors for trunk pipelines. 

- Mobile digital radiography systems with flat and flexible detectors

- X-ray film digitization systems

- Versatile software for digitizers and systems with digital detectors to work together

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