Published on 01-Nov-2023

Nexxis acquires leading US inspection robotics player

Nexxis acquires leading US inspection robotics player

Global innovative technology company Nexxis has acquired the assets of Interactive Aerial (IA), a world leader in internal inspection robotics. 

The deal makes Nexxis an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and builds on the Company’s market leading  capability in asset integrity for the mining, renewables, energy, transport, construction and defence industries. 

Asset acquisitions include IA’s industry leading Zenith robotic inspection camera system and the Legacy One Gen2 industrial inspection drone. 

“The acquisition builds on Nexxis’ strategy of complementing and expanding the Company’s current offerings,  such as our award-winning Magneto technology,” Nexxis CEO Jason De Silveira said.

“It also bolsters Nexxis’ global engineering and inspection robotics footprint, which includes offices, distribution  and service centres in Australia, Asia and the US.”

Existing customers using the IA assets include US multinationals Dow Chemical and Procter & Gamble, as well as  UK energy giant BP. 

Nexxis is already evaluating several potential product improvements to further enhance its newly acquired  assets and is currently carrying out trials with BP to utilise the technology for asset integrity management in the  renewables sector. 

“Interactive Aerial fits perfectly with Nexxis’ focus on technology that can solve complex industry problems and  meet the future needs of accurate data capture in asset integrity,” De Silveira added. 

“The Zenith and Legacy One line-ups meet these criteria through increased safety by removing the need for  workers to enter confined spaces, while also offering reduced costs though better data and increased  operational performance.”

Zenith has been designed to inspect vertical spaces, removing the need for inspection workers to enter  potentially dangerous confined spaces, and enhancing site safety. 

The Legacy One Gen2 drone has been built for internal confined spaces and GPS-denied environments and  builds on Nexxis’ aerial inspection capability. 

The acquisition is effective immediately and includes all intellectual property and existing licensing agreements for the Zenith and Legacy One product lines.

For media enquiries:

Jason De Silveira 
Chief Executive Officer 
Nexxis Technology 
M: 0407 107 025 

Josh Lewis
Senior Media Adviser
M: 0412 577 266

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About Nexxis

Nexxis is an innovative technology and service provider, offering end-to-end bespoke solutions for customers  around the world.

With offices in Australia, the US and Singapore, Nexxis supplies an extensive range of leading-edge inspection,  testing and measuring equipment for a variety of applications in the oil and gas, mining, renewables, space,  shipbuilding, transportation, manufacturing, construction and defence sectors. 

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