Published on 26-Feb-2021

Understanding the Magnaflux Shelf Life Statement for NDT Chemicals

Understanding the Magnaflux Shelf Life Statement for NDT Chemicals

Where can I find the Magnaflux Shelf Life statement? 

The Magnaflux shelf life statement can be found here:

What does shelf life mean? 

The shelf life of the product is not an expiration date. It is the period during which Magnaflux warrants the contents of the unopened product. The shelf life for most of our products is five-years, except as noted on our shelf life statement.  

Exceptions to the five-year shelf-life. 

Daraclean products have a two-year shelf life. The shelf-life information is based on laboratory testing that shows the cleaning ability of these products decreases over time.   

Magnaflux aerosol products have a five-year shelf life, but they may not be as readily sprayable from two years due to propellant loss from the aerosol cans.  

Why won’t we extend the shelf life or recertify products to extend the shelf life past the recommended date? 

When a product is produced and certified by our manufacturing facility, we control the product. We place it in containers that have been tested to guarantee the product will perform and meet the customers’ expectations for 5 years. Once a product has left our facility, we no longer control how the chemicals are handled, stored, and used. Those variables make it impossible to extend the shelf life or recertification of these high-quality chemicals used in safety-critical manufacturing processes. 

What should you do if you have products that are past the stated shelf life?  

We get this question about our products very often. The customer needs to work with their Level 3 or Cognizant Engineering Organization to approve the use of chemicals past the shelf life. Approval could be done by using a known defect standard or test part and validating that the product is still performing to its requirements 

How about a product that I have in a tank for dipping or immersion? 

We know that for opened products in use, through PeneCert records, that Magnaflux products will often perform past the five-year warranty period. Customers using large tanks of penetrants older than five years regularly send samples for Testing Service and keep the results on file for validation.  

If you have penetrant in an open tank for dipping or immersion, Penecert testing monthly or quarterly with Magnaflux can keep you certified to be within standards. You can get more information here:

Considering all of this, if Magnaflux product is in a tank (for dip or immersion application) and you have monthly PeneCert testing done, you would be able to use the product as long as PeneCert test results are within the required limits. PeneCert testing services help to validate that your materials are compliant and support your NDT processes. 


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