Published on 01-Nov-2023

Why does it matter which NDT Aerosols you purchase?

Why does it matter which NDT Aerosols you purchase?

Our dye penetrant aerosols have up to 2x coverage compared to other brands.

  • Can lasts longer, minimizing inspection costs
  • Reduce need for stocking and disposal cost

Watch how we came to this conclusion as we test and see how three popular visible liquid penetrants perform in a coverage test to learn how many square feet each can covered.

Understand the break-down of the test parameters, and what was discovered in our NDT Visible Liquid Penetrant Aerosol Coverage Test video and blog.

Lower your risk of missing indications by using our Spotcheck, Zyglo, Magnaglo, and Magnavis aerosols, because of

  • Reliable formula covers part surface evenly
  • Material stays on the part, ensuring proper inspections

The comparison of the below Magnaflux liquid penetrant spray and competitor aerosol show the difference in ability to cover a weld completely.

Simplify your process and save time when using crack detection spray with our downloadable safety information and live technical support

  • Easily accessible safety data sheets and batch certificates online at
  • Responsive support team for application and technical support


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