Published on 08-Dec-2020

Why the Instant Results of Ultrasonic Testing Could Save You Money Before There Are Major Issues

Why the Instant Results of Ultrasonic Testing Could Save You Money Before There Are Major Issues

In the manufacturing and production industries, mistakes can be costly. Even the smallest weld defect can have catastrophic effects when a component leaves the manufacturing plant. Flaws create structural weaknesses and inconsistencies that can lead to insecure structures, resulting in fallen poles. These fallen utility poles can cause death or injury to people nearby and end up costing you lots of valuable time and money.

It is not only utility pole manufacturing that requires the support of nondestructive testing.Whether it is the production of medical equipment, testing infrastructure, or inspecting aircrafts, the safety ensured through nondestructive testing saves producers and consumers from costly mistakes.

Ultrasonic testing is just one of those vital testing methods. Here is everything you need to know about how ultrasonic testing helps prevent issues and save you money.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is a nondestructive testing method used to detect flaws and voids in the components under inspection. It is often used because it is portable, consistent, and can yield instant inspection results. Because of this, valuable time and money is saved.

This method uses sound waves that travel through the part and reflect back some of the sound if the waves hit materials with a different acoustical impedance. When this inconsistency is registered on the sending unit, it will represent as an indication on the screen. Based on these immediate results, the technician can use their knowledge of the velocity at which sound travels through a part, combined with the time of travel, to determine the distance to indicated material with a change in acoustic impedance.

How You Save

It is crucial to catch these flaws and inconsistencies as early as possible to prevent issues rather than solve them. When a component is still in the manufacturing plant, replacements and repairs can be completed with minimal disruption. Parts, equipment, and technicians are all nearby and ready to work exclusively on the component under inspection.

After a component leaves the manufacturer, however, things get a lot dicier. A component that fails can cause damage to surrounding structures and injury to people nearby. When there is a failure out in the “real world” technicians must travel to mend what has been broken. Valuable money is lost due to any shutdowns that may be caused by the failure, extra time needed to repair, and the added costs associated with technicians needing to go to the location of the failure.

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