Published on 01-Nov-2023

Inspect with Confidence/ Pioneering Ultrasonics in NDT Industry

Inspect with Confidence/ Pioneering Ultrasonics in NDT Industry

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Veo+ was launched in 2016. It introduced the concept of remote hardware update allowing the user to instantly unleash the power and flexibility of a greater number of PA channels. With the Sonatest XPair software package, Sonatest pioneered true real-time remote collaboration allowing an expert to have full control of the instrument and share the Veo+ screen whilst in another location anywhere in the world. 

Now, introducing Veo3. Fitted with a state-of-the-art PCAP touch panel, the now legendary user interface is even better. But what makes Veo3 really stand out, is its unique real-time multi-scan/multi-technique capabilities. Simultaneous TFM, PA, and TOFD views are now possible.

Veo3's unique real-time multi-scan/multi-technique capabilities make it stand out.

Multi-technique Advantages

Even though TFM is now a ubiquitous inspection method, correct configuration and selection of the most appropriate TFM propagation mode for the application is a very real challenge. Comparing modes is frustrating and time-consuming. With Veo3, having the ability to simultaneously show a PA and several live TFM scans it is now easier than ever to identify and size flaws with high P.O.D. and increased technician confidence. The advanced technology in Veo3 also allows the addition of a TOFD scan to the PA and TFM live scans. Inspect with confidence when simultaneously using three complementary inspection techniques.

No Need for Additional Qualification

The Veo3 multi-technique functionality, combining phased array with TFM, allows users to benefit from the additional resolution and sizing performance of TFM – all while performing inspections to an already approved phased-array procedure. No need to change. No need to go through a new approval process.

Focus Where it Matters

The Veo3 has all the flexibility necessary to help you solve challenging applications. Its unique architecture can generate up to six live TFM (including TFMiTM) scans, produced from multiple FMC sources on different probes. This allows the end-users to focus where it matters, solving the most difficult inspections.

Single Scan of Thicker Parts

The Veo3 can generate TFM images of up to 500K pixels with a maximum resolution of 100 pixels per mm without limiting the number of pixels per axis. Combining Time Corrected Gain on the TFM image, the technician is able to inspect thicker parts with superior flexibility whilst remaining ASME compliant. And all with a single scan. The Veo3 has what it needs to answer your daily challenges. Flaw Characterisation and Assessment have never been this easy in difficult applications.

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