Published on 01-Nov-2023

DÜRR NDT Introduces Flat Panel Detector for X-ray Inspection of Elongated Structures

DÜRR NDT Introduces Flat Panel Detector for X-ray Inspection of Elongated Structures

10 x 24 cm is one of the most commonly used formats for radiographic films in industrial radiography and DÜRR NDT now supports this popular film format with the new DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detector. This panel offers a compact digital solution for inspection tasks on elongated structures, for example in weld seam testing where longitudinal and circumferential welds are frequently inspected on pipe and hose lines.

The DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detector was designed from the ground up for industrial use, unlike square detectors which often originate from the medical field. A major disadvantage of square detectors is that typically less than a half of the active area is covered by the test object while the rest of the surface remains unprotected in the X-ray beam path during the entire exposure time. This results in overexposure and reduced detector life expectancy. To counter this, the uncovered surface usually requires shielding with steel or lead plates. The special design of the DRC 1024 NDT eliminates this complexity.

For mobile applications, the DRC 1024 NDT offers wireless data transmission as well as the possibility to use the device in battery mode. The carry handle ensures secure handling, but is also detachable to allow the detector to be inserted into hard-to-reach areas such as inside a pipe. Metric threaded holes in the rugged aluminum housing enable the panel to be mounted to any conceivable support system, such as a tripod or a manipulator in a cabinet.

The DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detector is suitable for both X-ray and gamma sources and is available in two scintillator options which should be chosen based on the penetrated wall thickness and the defect size to be detected. Available scintillator resolutions are Plus (SRb=130 µm) and Ultra-Fine (SRb=80 µm). DÜRR NDT’s D-Tect X X-ray inspection software ensures easy operation and supports the user in image evaluation with powerful tools for any inspection task.

The DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detectoris suitable for energies up to 350 kV