Published on 01-Nov-2023

ETi-300 Advance Eddy Current Flaw Detector

ETi-300 Advance Eddy Current Flaw Detector

The ETi-300 is an advanced eddy current tube testing instrument for inspecting non-ferrous tubing from the inner diameter (ID), developed by ETher NDE to perform in the most demanding of environments whilst delivering outstanding inspection results and reporting functionality.

Eddy Current testing has long been acknowledged as the fastest, most efficient and effective inspection method to inspect the large quantity of non-ferrous  tubes present in a typical heat exchanger. The ETi-300 instrument and it’s suite of analysis and reporting software is ideal for heat exchanger and condenser inspection applications within Power Generation, Transportation, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries.

The ETi-300 and Ether’s suite of software solutions deliver an advanced end to end solution for tube inspectors. Realising that the inspection process is more than just recording data the ETi-300 was conceived to be work with a software suite of solutions, improving on-site workflow and delivering rapid and accurate reporting.

As part of the Tube Inspection suite of solutions we offer:

  • TMR Mapping which allows tube map templates to be created to enable inspection planning using either photographs, drawings or rapid manual entry
  • ETherMap is the Data Analysis software for the ETi-300
  • TMR Reporting processes the analysed data and turns it into a meaningful and informative report.

Data Analysis & User interface

ETherMap is not only the data analysis tool but also the main user interface to the head-less (no screen) instrument. This versatile software developed to be directly connected to our latest instruments where it can control and receive live inspection data in the field, or work with previously recorded data. EtherMap is an intuitive user interface for the ETi 300 operator, capable of processing and analysing data on its own or as an integral part of our end-to-end offering with TMR. When integrated with TMR the user can go all the way from Tube Map design, inspection, analysis to report generation.


ID Bobbin Probes 

Ether NDE design and manufacture a wide range of ID (Internal Diameter) Differential Bobbin probes: 

  • Probe diameters from 7.5 to 150mm, available in 0.1mm steps 
  • Dis-connectable and integral probe cables 
  • Cable lengths from 3 to 30 metres 
  • Frequency range from 2.7 kHz to 1MHz, centre frequencies 2.7, 10, 24, 76, 190, 400kHz

Inspection planning with TMR ET*

Advanced Tub Mapping Software

In order to offer the best user experience when it comes to tube map design and report generation Ether NDE have teamed up with Talcyon Pte Ltd, to deliver advanced Tube Mapping Software (TMR) which is second to none in its features and ease-of-use. Tube Mapping Software (TMR) is a solution intuitively designed with the operator and tube inspection task in mind; specifically to produce an accurate layout and labelling of tubes on a tube sheet. Upload a photograph or schematic diagram of the tube sheet and create a map of the tube sheet, assign a number to each of the tube openings. The “tube sheet” presents the software with a graphic representation, which helps to track which tubes have already been measured, aiding efficient workflow, labelled and mapped.

Create tube inspection maps from photographs or schematics

Report Creation with TMR ET*

Automated Report Creation

A fast reporting software designed to manage data gathered from inspections, with the capability to present inspection data in easy-to-read formats. Reports are generated with using simple user interface, whilst fully-customisable reporting and output is easily configurable. Report templates are viable to save time and can be built and populated by simply placing elements using a “drag and drop”method. Bespoke and unique reports can be delivered using the report building software features to customise your reports.

*Under Licence from Talcyon

Fast reporting software designed to manage inspection data through templates of custom content reporting

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