Published on 06-Aug-2021



Divers face some of the harshest environments and need the ability to easily navigate around obstacles unhindered when performing underwater inspections.

The Cygnus DIVE underwater thickness gauge has been designed for divers undertaking metal thickness measurements. The gauge features a super-bright AMOLED colour display and large numbers so that readings are visible even in poor visibility water. Designed to be worn on the diver’s forearm, the thickness meter allows one hand to remain free while carrying out inspections in extreme underwater conditions. Other key features of the Cygnus DIVE include:

  • Multiple-Echo measuring mode giving the ultimate accuracy
  • Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes for extreme corrosion
  • Deep-Coat mode for measuring through coatings up to 20mm thick
  • A-scan display to assist with measurement verification
  • Stores up to 5,000 measurements with A-scan graphs
  • Auto-Log feature which requires no log button to be pressed
  • HelmetView™ remote display for divers in black or limited visibility water
  • CygLink software facilitates easy data transfer and analysis
  • Supplied with a 3-year warranty.

Reliability and Accuracy

The well-established Cygnus Multiple-Echo mode has long since been the industry standard and endorsed by the world’s leading classification societies for measuring metal thickness through protective coatings. The Multiple-Echo mode provides the most reliable and accurate metal thickness measurements without the need to remove protective coatings, avoiding any damage to the material being tested.

When used in Single-Echo or Echo-Echo modes, the gauge employs the Cygnus-developed MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) to confirm a stable thickness measurement by turning the thickness reading numbers from red to yellow. This ensures that Cygnus’ long-established philosophy of providing accurate and reliable thickness readings is carried through to the new range of thickness gauges.

Another element incorporated within the gauge is A-scan which helps the user to verify the true back wall reading in difficult measuring applications.

Versatile measuring modes

While the Multiple-Echo mode is recommended as the first choice when carrying out inspections, Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes have been incorporated for measuring metals with extreme front face and back wall corrosion which is sometimes found on sea defences and harbour pilings. The Single-Echo mode is also useful for attenuative materials such as cast iron found in water and sewage outfall pipes – as well as plastics.

Data logging options

Cygnus DIVE has its own inbuilt data logging mode which stores up to 5,000 measurements with A-scan graphs. Each stable measurement is automatically logged without the diver having to press any buttons.

With the CygLink software, measurements and A-scans can be transferred from the gauge to the software for analysis or reporting as a .csv or .pdf file. The CygLink software also enables measurements to be displayed on the surface and data logged topside via a RS-485 serial data link whilst the survey is being performed by the diver.

To find out more, visit the Cygnus DIVE underwater thickness gauge page.

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