Published on 01-Nov-2023



Are you an NDT specialist who regularly uncovers a need to work at high temperatures? Or a maintenance engineer responsible for the integrity of machinery operating at high temperatures? Imagine a method of inspecting materials at extremely high temperatures without compromising on the three key things we all need; ease, speed AND accuracy.

This is the challenge the Cygnus team put to themselves. Through series after series of stringent tests, trials, adjustments and yes, more tests, not to mention buckets of persistence and determination… the result? Our High Temperature Probe is ready to launch! And you, NDT Trends readers, are first to hear all about it.

So why is the Cygnus High Temperature Probe such a game changer?

Cygnus’ high temperature probe requires no cooling period, which means it significantly reduces inspection time AND therefore facilitates more effective measurement. This also allows you to take our time to position the probe and get the optimum measurement. Used with our high temperature ultrasonic couplant, this twin element probe can achieve measurements at temperatures up to 300oC (570oF) on steel. The high temperate probe offers great wear resistance and can be fitted to either a standard cable or a braided cable for enhanced protection.

Numerous conversations with our customers have made it clear just how exciting this new development will be – it’ll undoubtedly broaden the scope of applications they can work to.

Using Cygnus High Temperature Probe with Cygnus gauges.

The Cygnus High Temperature Probe is specifically designed to fit Cygnus 6+ and 4+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, the most advanced models of our Surface Inspection range. The highly intuitive Cygnus 6+ boasts an array of excellent features including three versatile measuring modes, A Scan and live B Scan display, and a Temperature Compensation feature. When measuring hightemperature assets, the gauge uses the Single Echo measuring mode with Measurement Stability Indicator (MSITM) to give reliable measurements. The A Scan display allows you to check the back-wall echo signal and adjust the gain manually where necessary. What’s more, the 6+ has a Data Logging feature that records your measurements for hasslefree reporting and analysis afterwards. What a dream match!

Now ultrasonic thickness measurements ARE possible for high-temperature corrosion inspections across oil & gas, refining, energy and process industries.

And finally… Cygnus’ in-house design team are constantly developing new features, ideas and services, and making valuable contributions to the NDT industry. But the most effective way for us to achieve this has always been through our customers and your feedback. So let us know what you think! Whether it’s about our High Temperature Probe, other Cygnus UT equipment, or even a gap in the industry that you feel we could help with, call us, we love a chat!

For more information about the High Temperature Probe and other Cygnus products, visit Alternatively, call us on +44 (0) 1305 265533 or email:

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