Published on 17-Jun-2022

Eddyfi/NDT becomes Previan

Eddyfi/NDT becomes Previan

Headquartered in Quebec City, boasting over 1,550 employees and 32 offices globally, Eddyfi/NDT today announced that it has changed its name to Previan.

Previan, formerly Eddyfi/NDT, is an industrial technology group, currently composed of five autonomous business units: Dynamic Risk, Eddyfi Technologies, NDT Global, Senceive and TSC Subsea. The group focuses on providing organizations with the data and insights needed to uphold the performance, safety, health, and sustainability of critical infrastructure – providing the best line of defence against those assets’ inevitable decline and degradation.

“At this stage in the company’s life, we felt it was important to differentiate the group’s branding from that of the business units. Although Eddyfi/NDT clearly captured the roots of the company, we were ready to adopt a name that highlighted our purpose and encompassed all our activities,” said Martin Thériault, CEO and founder of Previan. “We started as a non-destructive testing company in 2010. And we’ve kept on growing, expanding outside of the NDT industry over the past few years, making it clear that we are an industrial tech group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies for infrastructure and critical assets; our new name perfectly delivers on our positioning,” added Mr Thériault.

“The new name is strong, evocative and distinctive. It gives a nod to our Québec roots, which we felt was important; “Previan” comes from the French “prévient,” which literally translates to ‘prevents’. We believe that this moniker maintains our brand story and equity and that it aptly showcases our active role in defending the world’s critical assets through our technologies,” explained Veronique Chayer, Director of Strategic Communications and External Relations.

To launch the new brand, the company introduced a new website, at

About Previan

Previan, known as Eddyfi/NDT prior to June 2022, is a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. The Group serves asset owners, large engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Power Generation, and Rail. Via sensors, hardware, robotics and software, Previan makes a safe and sustainable future possible, by pushing the limits of diagnostic technologies that preserve the integrity of our world’s critical infrastructure and assets. The company employs over 1,550 people throughout 32 offices worldwide and serves clients in more than 110 countries. More information can be found on the company’s website:

For Further Information, please contact:

Veronique Chayer

Director, Strategic Communications and External Relations

Telephone: 1 833 PREVIAN Cell: 581-999-9202

Source : Eddyfi/NDT becomes Previan

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