Published on 01-Nov-2023

The AxSEAM™ Scanner Simplifies Longitudinal Seam Weld Inspection

The AxSEAM™ Scanner Simplifies Longitudinal Seam Weld Inspection

Using Olympus’ new AxSEAM scanner, inspectors can easily set up and inspect long seam welds, enabling them to work more independently in the field. Along with the OmniScan™ X3 flaw detector, the scanner is an integral part of the company's portable phased array ultrasonic testing inspection solutions targeting longitudinal weld inspection on pipes and pressure vessels.

Helping Ease Critical Infrastructure Integrity Inspection

In-service oil and gas pipes that were manufactured using an obsolete process called low-frequency electric resistance welding (ERW) must be periodically inspected as the long seam welds are prone to corrosion and hook cracks. Also, pressure vessel and wind tower manufacturers need to validate the integrity of their longitudinal beveled welds. Scanners typically used for these applications are not operator friendly, having complicated setups and cumbersome adjustments. The AxSEAM scanner addresses these problems through its simple design, which is optimized for ease of use.

Simple and Efficient Enough to Be Used by One Operator

The AxSEAM scanner’s features, including toolless probe holders and patented dome-shaped wheels, help solve typical challenges associated with this application, enabling more self-sufficient inspection on the job site.

Controlling data integrity is easier with the new ScanDeck™ module featuring LED indicators that alert the operator to a lack of couplant and when the scanning speed has exceeded the maximum acquisition rate. A laser light guide also helps the operator maintain a straight scan line, which is important for data acquisition.

Less manipulation of the acquisition instrument is required because buttons conveniently located on the ScanDeck module are linked directly to an OmniScan flaw detector, enabling the operator to remotely start the data acquisition as well as “zero” the encoder position.

Its versatility means that less equipment is required on the job site. The AxSEAM scanner switches easily between longitudinal and circumferential scanning on a wide range of pipe diameters.

“Every aspect of the AxSEAM scanner’s design aims to maximize simplicity and ease the job of scanning for the operator. The new ScanDeck module, for example, provides the operator with important status information, including the coupling and scan speed, directly on the scanner. A one-person crew can set it up and perform a complete long seam weld inspection, easily and efficiently.” – Simon Alain, Scanners & Inspection Solutions Product Manager, Olympus

Multitechnology Inspection for Increased Probability of Detection (POD)

The AxSEAM scanner’s four probe holders accommodate phased array (PA) and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) probes. When used with an OmniScan™ X3 unit, the scanner enables fast PA/TOFD screening and targeted total focusing method (TFM) inspection without switching probes.

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