Published on 18-Feb-2020

5 Advantages of the DSX1000 Digital Microscope

5 Advantages of the DSX1000 Digital Microscope

Conventional optical microscopes lack important features that can help you perform inspections quickly and accurately. The Olympus DSX1000 advanced digital microscope is equipped with the latest features so you can get more out of your system.

Check out 5 ways the DSX1000 digital microscope can help you get to faster, more accurate failure analysis.

1. Save bench space with an all-in-one system.
Most laboratories have limited bench space. Inspectors often find tables covered in lab equipment and supplies, leaving little room to complete their work.

Here’s the problem: if you’re using conventional microscopes for your inspections, you probably need a low-magnification stereo microscope for initial analysis and a high-magnification compound microscope for the detailed inspection. Not only will it take longer to complete an inspection using two microscopes since you have to move the sample from one to the other, refocus, and reacquire your target area, this setup also takes up twice the amount of space.

The DSX1000 digital microscope offers a wide magnification range of 20X to 7000X using optical zoom, so you can complete your inspection with one easy-to-use system and free up space on your lab bench. And because the lenses are easy to replace and the settings are easy to adjust, you can do your work faster while remaining in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

2. Capture high-resolution images.
The DSX1000 digital microscope takes full advantage of the power of Olympus UIS2 objectives. With objective lenses that have numerical apertures (NA) as high as 0.95, you can capture images with very high resolution. These objectives also offer broad chromatic aberration correction, enabling you to see the fine details in your samples.

3. Reduce the risk of damaging your sample with long distance objectives.
Inspectors often need to observe samples with irregular surface heights, such as electronic boards and machined components. Conventional objectives make this task challenging since the short distance between the sample and lens means that the lens could accidentally crash into it.

This can be a costly mistake, as a crash can cause damage to both the sample and the objective lens. A crash can also slow down your workflow. If you don’t have replacements handy, work will halt until you order new equipment.

The DSX1000 long working distance objectives provide ample space between the lens and the sample to minimize the chance of a crash. With less risk, you can focus on your work and complete inspections on time.

4. See more of your samples with multiple observation methods.
Many microscopes offer only one or two observation methods. This limits what you can see in your sample.

With six observation methods available at all magnifications, the DSX1000 digital microscope provides the tools you need to fully inspect a wide variety of samples. With the click of a button, choose between brightfield, darkfield, MIX, polarizing, oblique, or differential interference contrast to achieve optimal viewing conditions.

The one-click setup also saves you time, since there’s no need to switch between lenses to change the observation method.

5. Be confident in the accuracy of your results.
Manufacturers of planes, automobiles, precision equipment, medical devices, and other products must accurately measure and analyze product specifications to demonstrate safety. However, most digital microscope manufacturers cannot guarantee the accuracy of their products.

That’s not the case with the DSX1000 digital microscope. Olympus can guarantee the accuracy and repeatability of the DSX1000 digital microscope measurements at all magnifications.*

Here’s how: The DSX1000 digital microscope uses a telecentric optical system to eliminate variation in measurement results. Olympus will also send a technician to calibrate the installed microscope in your working environment. To ensure the best possible performance, the DSX1000 digital microscope comes with an easy-to-use auto-calibration check feature.

With confidence in the accuracy of your results, you can streamline your workflow and achieve more in less time.

Final thoughts
The easy-to-use and automated features of the DSX1000 digital microscope ensure both experienced and novice operators can inspect and analyze a sample—quickly and accurately. You can improve the speed and efficiency of your inspection workflow further by pairing the digital microscope with our image analysis software.


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