Published on 09-Feb-2024

3 Advantages of Using Augmented Reality Microscopes in Medical Device Assembly

3 Advantages of Using Augmented Reality Microscopes in Medical Device Assembly

With a growing population, aging society, and greater awareness of the importance of healthcare, the demand for medical devices is increasing rapidly. To make sure that medical devices perform safely and as intended for healthcare staff and patients, medical device manufacturers have increasingly strict quality management systems. These systems involve many complex manufacturing tasks that are completed manually under stereo microscopes.

To streamline these tasks, stereo microscopes have evolved to include leading-edge technology such as augmented reality. Read on to learn the top advantages of using augmented reality microscopes in medical device assembly and inspection.

SZX-AR1 augmented reality microscope system used in medical device assembly

1. Stay focused on medical device assembly.

With the wide range of medical devices and stringent assembly requirements, assemblers need to look away from the microscope to check the assembly instructions from time to time. However, when their line of sight moves from the microscope to the monitor, the force applied to a part can change and possibly lead to assembly errors.

With the SZX-AR1 augmented reality microscope, the operating instructions are projected directly into the microscope’s field of view, so the assembler can focus on their work without moving their eyes. This streamlined approach helps reduce the risk of operation errors.

The SZX-AR1 augmented reality microscope system projects instructions into the field of view so the medical device assembler can perform work efficiently and comfortably

2. Determine the root cause of problems faster.

Assembly of medical devices in production lines using stereo microscopes requires on-site inspections to determine the root cause of problems that occur during the manufacturing process.

With the SZX-AR1 augmented reality microscope, assemblers can use third-party collaboration software, such as Microsoft Teams, to share their view from the eyepieces with off-site managers or engineers to receive guidance. The remote expert can solve the problem in a timely manner and save on travel costs.

A medical device assembler shares the microscope’s field of view with off-site managers, quality assurance/control (QA/QC) personnel, and research and development (R) engineers for remote guidance

3. Easily train medical device assemblers.

Training assemblers can be a laborious and time-consuming task for medical device manufacturers.

Traditionally, a trainer explains the operating instructions to trainees through the monitor, then the trainees complete the tasks using the microscope. The trainer can’t directly check the work of trainees during this process. Instead, they need to observe the finished medical device using the microscope after the trainees complete their work, then train the trainees again on specific problems that were found.

Now using SZX-AR1 augmented reality microscopes, the trainees can share the microscope’s field of view so the trainer can follow along from any location. During this process, the trainer can use the annotation function to add instructions directly in the field of view. In addition, a training video can be projected into the field of view so that the trainees can learn and practice on their own without the trainer.

A trainer adds instructions directly into the microscope’s field of view, enabling the trainee and trainer to stay aligned on tasks throughout the assembly

Simplify Complex Manufacturing Tasks Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality microscopes improve work efficiency and reduce costs for complex manufacturing tasks using microscopes. The power of augmented reality benefits not only medical device manufacturers, but the entire electronics industry. Learn more about how augmented reality simplifies complicated manufacturing processes by reading our post, 3 Ways Augmented Reality Microscopes Speed Up Manufacturing Tasks.


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