More than Radiography

By: Publisher Team | Oct 07, 2020 12:43 PM
More than Radiography

Last Spring the Buffalo team completed a review of the best technology to diversify our offering to our customers. We continue to take great pride in our ability to execute radiography for you where and when you need it. Our search was extensive and we landed on a new piece of technology called a Gekko that provides Advanced Phased Array and TFM all in one box. The Gekko is the most advanced PAUT technology globally. At its heart is TFM or Total Focus Methodology a unique capability to provide significantly higher resolution of defects as well as three-dimensional imaging and real time reporting.

This past Fall a number of Buffalo technicians were certified in the globally accepted PCN Level II PAUT training from the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing using the Gekko. This was the first Gekko PCN training and certification in North America and Buffalo hosted this at our facilities in Edmonton.

We now have deployed Gekkos in all of our locations to support Integrity digs, corrosion testing of flanges, valves and compressor bottles.

We want to be your solutions provider! If you have any asset integrity issues give us a call. We are solving corrosion problems for a number of oil and gas companies that have not previously been achievable. Â Buffalo have the right equipment and the right technicians to serve your current inspection needs and challenges.

Blog By: Larry Kaumeyer, CEO, Buffalo Inspection Services