By: Publisher Team | Mar 07, 2020 12:24 PM

With over three decades of designing ultrasonic equipment for the offshore and underwater environment, Cygnus fully understands the requirements of the subsea inspection industry.

This entirely new Flooded Member Detector (FMD) combines intelligent, advanced software and electronics with a truly simple to use interface.

The FMD system comprises of three fundamental parts; the probe and probe handler, the subsea electronics unit and the reporting software.


The Cygnus FMD has an innovative probe handling solution which self aligns, ensuring correct contact with the member, even when approached from an angle.

The system also has a contact sensor which will not allow a test to be taken unless the probe is correctly aligned.

The system returns a simple DRY / FLOODED result to the reporting software with results logged at the surface.


The Cygnus FMD System is owner operated and extremely easy to learn and understand.

Due to its simplicity and innovative fail safe design the FMD system can be used by a range of operators, with varying experience, without the need for external contractors.


Available in high grade acetal or stainless steel for the harshest environments.

The FMD equipment is designed to the highest standards, supported by a three year warranty.


Cygnus is an ultrasonic specialist. Years of industry experience and design expertise combine to make this system the most advanced, effective and reliable Ultrasonic FMD System available.

  • The purpose-designed algorithm simultaneously uses

– advanced signal processing

– an advanced peak detection algorithm

– low distortion / low noise data acquisition

to ensure highest level of Probability of Detection (PoD) to eliminate false readings.

  • The system will only take a measurement when the contact sensor detects probe contact, ensuring reliable results every time. The reporting software will indicate at the surface should the probe lose contact during a test.
  • System Test Function ensures the reliability of the system before it is deployed.


  • Used to perform system tests
  • Displays test results
  • Displays A-Scans for verification
  • Indicator  shows RED if flooded and GREEN if dry
  • Logs results for offline analysis
  • Reports can be generated and exported to PDF and Excel


The same FMD system is both diver or ROV deployable. Being of a compact design the probe is able to get into to hard to reach areas, such as K nodes, where other inspection methods cannot. A range of versatile options to suit working depths and varying requirements are available.