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Radiography Testing

Radiographic Testing Crawler Inspection and Real-Time Radiography (RTR) Scanning

Published on 8th April 2021

Radiographic Testing Crawler Inspection and Real-Time Radiography (RTR) Scanning

MISTRAS’ smART and Through Wall crawlers, along with Real-Time Radiography scanner services are strategically designed, advanced inspection tools that utilize Digital Radiography (DR) to check for abnormalities within insulated and uninsulated pipelines.

Varying environmental conditions can lead to internal corrosion, pitting, and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in your aboveground piping. MISTRAS’ smART and Through Wall crawler, along with Real-Time Radiography scanner services help you detect flaws even with product flowing through the lines.  

smART and Through-Wall Radiographic Crawler Automated Weld Inspection Services

MISTRAS’ smART and Through-Wall ART Crawler services are strategically designed, cost-effective, advanced inspection tools that utilize DR to check for abnormalities within your piping.

MISTRAS’ patent-pending crawler technology has the unique ability to inspect 100% of a pipe in the time it typically takes to inspect 10% using manual methods. Both the smART and Through-Wall crawlers can also inspect in-service piping, with product still flowing through them, therefore eliminating the need for costly shutdowns.

The lightweight smART crawler is used to inspect for CUI in insulated piping and has the capability of inspecting up to 1 mile of pipeline in a single day, subsequently cutting down on time, safety hazards, and overall budget.

The Through-Wall crawler detects for internal, as well as external corrosion on insulated and non-insulated pipelines, including lines with product still in them.

While both crawlers are unique, features like quick and advanced radiographic data results that produce high-resolution DICONDE compliant images, are commonalities that make these systems really stand out.

By giving pipeline operators the opportunity to review inspection video and radiographic results simultaneously, this allows them to collect, process, and analyze data much faster. Collected images are then digitally stored, providing a long-term, easily traceable, and readily-available record of damage.

MISTRAS’ smART and Through-Wall crawlers deliver other common features, including:

  • Fully Wireless/Umbilical Control System
  • Unlimited Autonomous Range
  • Adaptable to Various Diameters
  • Self-Leveling Motion Control System

Real-Time Radiography (RTR) Automated Weld Inspection

MISTRAS’ (RTR) pipeline automated scanner is at the forefront of pipeline inspection technology, capable of performing Real-Time Radiography inspections of pipeline girth welds at far quicker rates than traditional RTR. Due to its rugged design, light weight, and easy mobility, the RTR allows MISTRAS techs to complete inspections in the harshest environments, helping our clients to ensure their assets operate safely and productively.

The RTR scanner offers a variety of premium features and benefits, including:

  • Ideal for Cross-Country Pipeline Projects
  • Eliminates Film, Processing Time, and Chemical Disposal
  • Optimizes Storage Capabilities
  • Real-Time Data Transmission
  • Decreases Project Time from Hours Down to Minutes
  • Decreased Risk of Radiation Exposure, Increasing Safety Measures


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