Ultrasonic NDT

Applications for advanced ultrasonic thickness gauges

Published on 31st August 2020

Applications for advanced ultrasonic thickness gauges

Nexxis strives to improve industries by delivering new and innovative technology that increases inspection outcomes or improve the experience of end-users.

The Sonowall 70 from Sonotec is an innovatively designed ultrasonic thickness gauge that delivers more than the normal thickness gauge solution.

Advanced Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Sonowall 70 has many market-leading features that truly give it the title of an advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge.

§  The large rotatable A-Scan display

§  Echo-Echo functionality to measure through coatings

§  Complete control over gate and measurement parameters

§  Robust IP67 rating to withstand the harsh conditions on site

Its unique SONOGRID corrosion management software, allows assets to be mapped for corrosion periodically and estimate corrosion rates, allowing for detailed analysis of the condition of assets, which results in operators making fast and better decisions in the field.


Excels In Any Situations

The ability to capture highly accurate data sets is key for any operator and due to the Sonowall 70’s powerful pulser, which is able to get strong UT readings even from highly attenuating materials, such as conveyor belt rubber (pictured below) this can be achieved in multiple applications. The Sonowall 70 excels at these scopes where operators require complete control over measurement parameters and require a system they can trust to perform as expected in the field.