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Eddy Current NDT

Air Conditioner Tube Testing, Made Easy.

Published on 26th March 2020

Air Conditioner Tube Testing, Made Easy.

Air Conditioner tube testing has gotten more accessible and more reliable by using the EVi multi-channel eddy current system with UniWest's new tube testing module.  Absolute, differential and multi-channel coil configurations are possible for most insitu inspection requirements for copper, stainless steel and other tubing.

The auto-measure capability of the EVi allows for rapid, real-time analysis of tubing with an active readout of phase angles, voltage values and percent wall loss using either phase or amplitude analysis.

Standard bobbin coils, as well as hybrid probes with differential and cross-axis coils, can be operated for a variety of test solutions.

 The EVi offers full tube testing capabilities in a portable, battery-operated package.



  • (WxHxD) : 13.8" x 8.75" x 2.58"
  • (Weight): 7 lb 0 oz without batteries, 9 lb 2 oz with two batteries

Display Size and Resolution

  • 10.1" WXGA 1280x800 pixels

Operating  temperature

  • 0-37°C minimum when the battery is charging
  • 0-4?°C when operating with battery only
  • 0-50°C when operating with AC only


  • Frequency Range: 120 Hz to 15 MHz Gain: 0 dB to 114 dB in 0.1 dB steps
  • Rotation: 0 degrees to 359.9 degrees in 0.1-degree steps
  • Low Pass Filter: 0 to 10 kHz adjustable to 3 digits of precision
  • High Pass Filter: O to 10 kHz adjustable to 3 digits of precision
  • Probe Drive: 2 Vp-p, 4 Vp-p, 7Vp-p (Also variable from 0 to 7 Vp-p in 1% steps)

Source: Uniwest.

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