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BES Group is recruiting Senior NDT Engineer to oversee NDT operations, develop procedures, and maintain quality standards. The role involves supervising, developing, and auditing Level 2 Engineers.


Posted 17 day ago

Position Summary:

BES Group is recruiting a Senior NDT Engineer to play a crucial role in ensuring industrial safety through NDT inspections, managing operations, and upholding quality standards.


  • Supervise NDT operations and lead a team of NDT Engineers.
  • Develop and review NDT procedures.
  • Visit sites and prepare quotes for clients.
  • Maintain quality systems and UKAS accreditation.
  • Conduct audits of Level 2 Engineers.


  • Must hold PCN Level 3 in UT (Welds), MPI, and DPI.
  • SAFed - BINDT Boiler Qualification would be advantageous.
  • PCN Level 2 in Eddy Current is preferred.
  • Experience in team management, training, and audits.

About BES Group:

BES Group is a leading Testing, Inspection, and Certification company in the UK. Private equity funding gives us the freedom to expand and innovate quickly. Our focus is on delivering top-notch service and ensuring our customers have peace of mind.

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