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Sentinel Integrity Solutions is recruiting experienced RT Level II Technicians to join their Ferndale, WA, Industry Services team. The role involves performing Radiographic Testing (RT) Level II inspections, contributing to strategic advancement, and ensuring asset reliability.


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Position Summary:

Sentinel Integrity Solutions is hiring experienced RT Level II Technicians to join their Industry Services team in Ferndale, WA. 

About Company:

Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to excellence, safety, and the ongoing advancement of strategic inspection methodologies to benefit the petrochemical industry and ensure the reliability of critical assets. Their commitment lies in increasing overall asset reliability while effectively minimising risks and consequences related to the loss of containment or equipment failure. They strive to build lifelong relationships with clients by assembling a comprehensive infrastructure of Inspection Professionals. 


  • Perform Radiographic Testing (RT) Level II inspections by industry standards.
  • Contribute to the strategic advancement of inspection methodologies within the petrochemical industry.
  • Work collaboratively with the Industry Services team in Ferndale, WA.
  • Ensure the reliability of assets through effective inspection practices.
  • Minimise the risks associated with loss of containment or equipment failure.
  • Present comprehensive and turn-key inspection solutions to clients.


  • Previous experience as an RT Level II Technician in the petrochemical industry.
  • Proficient in Radiographic Testing (RT) methodologies.
  • Familiarity with industry standards and regulations.
  • Strong commitment to safety protocols and best practices.
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to contribute to the strategic advancement of inspection methodologies.
  • Dedication to building and maintaining lifelong relationships with clients.
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