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As a Rope Access NDT Assistant with MISTRAS, you will provide essential support to NDT operations in offshore environments within the Gulf of Mexico.


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Job Summary:

As a Rope Access NDT Assistant with MISTRAS, you will provide essential support to NDT operations in offshore environments within the Gulf of Mexico. Possessing at least Level I Rope Access (RA) certification and 40-hour Radiation Safety training is a prerequisite for this role.

Job Objectives:

  • Enhance NDT Operations: Collaborate with NDT teams to ensure efficient and safe execution of inspections and testing procedures in challenging offshore conditions.
  • Contribute to Safety: Maintain a strong commitment to safety protocols and practices, promoting a secure work environment for all team members.
  • Support Quality Standards: Assist in adhering to the highest quality standards in all NDT operations, ensuring accurate results and reliable assessments.
  • Promote Team Collaboration: Work alongside experienced technicians, enhancing teamwork and contributing positively to overall project success.
  • Personal Growth: Strive for continuous learning and growth, aiming to achieve higher rope access certification levels and expand technical skills.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of Level I Rope Access (RA) certification.
  • Completion of a 40-hour Radiation Safety training program.

MISTRAS Core Values:

Be a part of the MISTRAS team, where safety, quality, and adherence to the highest standards are at the forefront. As a Rope Access NDT Assistant, you'll play a pivotal role in supporting NDT activities in challenging offshore environments. Join a company that not only values technical expertise but also fosters a positive and inclusive work environment. Contribute to continuous improvement efforts and personal growth, and be part of an organization that prioritizes safety in every aspect of its operations.

MISTRAS Commitment:

At MISTRAS, we are committed to fostering a constructive work environment that highly values safety and quality. Our workplace is dedicated to being free from discrimination and harassment, with every MISTRAS employee contributing to the overall success of the company and enhancing the workplace experience. We have established an environment where employees have the freedom to raise issues, voice concerns, and pose questions aimed at enhancing our operational efficiency and work atmosphere. Safety takes precedence in all our activities; all tasks crucial to safety, quality, and environmental preservation are executed in full compliance with regulations and carried out with personal accountability.

Join the MISTRAS Team:

In the role of Radiographic Testing Technician at MISTRAS, you play a pivotal role in upholding safety and quality standards. Your responsibilities encompass conducting NDT inspections using Radiography, reporting findings accurately, and contributing to our stringent safety protocols. Be part of a company that values technical prowess, fosters a positive and inclusive work environment, and emphasizes continuous improvement and personal growth.

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