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Stronghold Inspection is recruiting API 510 Inspectors, NDE Technicians, and RT Technicians for Turnarounds (TA) scheduled in January 2024 in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast regions.


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Position Summary:

Stronghold Inspection is actively seeking API 510 Inspectors, NDE Technicians, and RT Technicians for Turnarounds (TA) scheduled in January 2024. Positions are available in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast regions, with specific rates for API 510 Inspectors, RT Techs, and NDE Techs. 


  • Conduct inspections in adherence to API 510 standards.
  • Ensure compliance with safety protocols and industry regulations.
  • Provide detailed reports on inspection findings.
  • Perform Radiographic Testing (RT) according to specified procedures.
  • Safely operate and maintain RT equipment.
  • Collaborate with inspection teams to interpret and report the test results.
  • Execute Non-Destructive Testing (NDE) procedures as required.
  • Utilise advanced testing techniques and equipment.
  • Contribute to the generation of comprehensive NDE reports.
  • Coordinate and manage per diem allowances as per company policies.
  • Location-Specific Responsibilities (Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, California)
  • Adapt responsibilities to the unique requirements of each location.
  • Collaborate with local teams to ensure efficient turnaround operations.


  • API 510 Certification.
  • Proven experience in conducting inspections in refinery and petrochemical settings.
  • Relevant certification in Radiographic Testing (RT).
  • Hands-on experience with RT equipment and procedures.
  • Proficiency in Non-Destructive Testing (NDE) techniques.
  • Familiarity with advanced testing equipment and procedures.

General Qualifications:

  • Only considering applications from US-based candidates.
  • Strong commitment to safety and adherence to industry regulations.
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills.
  • Availability for the January 2024 Turnarounds.
  • Experience in coordinating and managing per diem allowances.

About Company:

Stronghold Inspection is dedicated to providing the safest, most efficient, and highest quality solutions for the refinery, petrochemical, and midstream industries. The company distinguishes itself by investing in and deploying highly-skilled, cross-trained craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment. This strategic approach not only ensures safety and compliance but also offers significant cost synergies and enhanced productivity to partners. Stronghold Inspection operates primarily in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast regions and extends its services to California.

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