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IXT - Inspections X-Ray & Testing Pty Ltd is recruiting an NDT Technician for a full-time on-site role in Bunbury, Western Australia. The role involves using conventional and advanced inspection techniques like Eddy Current, Ultrasonics, and Corrosion.


Posted 27 day ago

Position Summary:

As an NDT Technician at Inspections X-Ray & Testing (IXT), this full-time on-site role, based in Bunbury, Western Australia, involves employing various conventional and advanced inspection techniques such as Eddy Current, Ultrasonics, and Corrosion. The NDT Technician will play a crucial role in ensuring quality control and inspection, contributing to safer workplaces and the longevity of client assets.

About Company:

With over 25 years of experience, IXT specializes in providing safer workplaces through conventional and advanced inspection techniques. The company assists clients in controlling risk and maintaining productivity throughout the life of their assets. With branches strategically located in Brisbane, Townsville, Mount Isa, and Bunbury, IXT can quickly mobilize anywhere globally. The company's sister entity, Australian Concrete X-Ray, complements its services by offering civil-focused inspection and testing solutions.


  • Perform inspections using various conventional and advanced techniques such as Eddy Current, Ultrasonics, and Corrosion for Quality Control and Inspection purposes.
  • Ensure compliance with safety protocols and quality standards during inspections.
  • Contribute to creating safer workplaces by identifying and mitigating risks through inspection processes.
  • Collaborate with a team of professionals and work independently to meet inspection objectives.


  • Essential: UT2 Welds certification.
  • Must have eligibility for employment in Australia.
  • Experience in Quality Control and Inspection.
  • Preferred: Knowledge and experience in corrosion-related inspection activities.
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