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Applus+ is seeking an experienced NDT Technician with expertise in Eddy Current (ET) testing for a 15/13 roster in Moomba. The role involves maintaining compliance with standards and client policies and participating in continuous improvement initiatives.


Posted 33 day ago

Position Summary:

Applus+ currently seeking an experienced NDT Technician specialising in Eddy Current (ET) for an ongoing 15/13 roster in Moomba. This position requires expertise in NDT, with a primary focus on Eddy Current testing. The candidate will play a crucial role in maintaining compliance with standards and client policies, supervising NDT personnel, providing input into shutdown planning activities, conducting audits, calibrating equipment, and actively participating in continuous improvement initiatives.


  • Perform NDT, including Magnetic Testing (MT) and penetrant Testing (PT), with a specialization in Eddy Current (ET).
  • Ensure strict compliance with applicable standards and client policies during NDT operations.
  • Supervise and liaise with other NDT personnel to ensure cohesive teamwork.


  • Essential: Hold ET Level 2 Certification, demonstrating expertise in Eddy Current testing.
  • Preferred: UT Level 2 Certification for additional NDT capabilities.
  • Preferred: MT Level 2 Certification for Magnetic Testing Proficiency.
  • Preferred: PT Level 2 Certification for Penetrant Testing Competence.
  • Possess detailed knowledge and experience in utilising inspection standards and statutory regulations.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of failure mechanisms and associated NDT methods required for investigation, encompassing both basic and advanced techniques.

About Applus+:

Applus+ is a global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification sector, committed to enhancing the quality and safety of clients' assets and infrastructure. With over 23,000 highly-skilled employees across more than 70 countries, Applus+ delivers operational excellence through innovative approaches and technical capabilities.

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