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Bilfinger is recruiting an experienced all-around non-destructive Testing (NDT) technician to maintain customer contact, perform standard and advanced NDT activities onshore and offshore, and participate in Rope Access activities. The position requires a Level 2 certification in standard methods and certifications in Advanced NDT, Rope Access, and offshore operations.


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Position Summary:

Bilfinger is currently hiring an experienced All-round Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technician. The NDT department at Bilfinger is known for its youthful and progressive approach within the organisation, focusing on customer-specific solutions. As an NDT Technician, you'll engage in diverse activities, including maintaining customer contact, performing standard NDT, and potentially advanced NDT both onshore and offshore, some of which involve Rope Access.


  • Maintain customer contact with the inspection and work preparation departments.
  • Perform standard NDT and potentially advanced NDT activities.
  • Carry out tasks both onshore and offshore, with some activities utilizing Rope Access.
  • Demonstrate results-oriented and customer-centric approaches.
  • Proactively and accurately execute duties, working independently.
  • Pursue personal and professional growth, investing time and energy in self-development.


  • Very experienced NDT specialist with several years of NDT professional experience.
  • NDT specialist with Level 2 certification in standard methods, including Visual Testing.
  • Certifications in Advanced NDT, Rope Access, and offshore operations.

About Bilfinger:

Bilfinger Industrial Services is a leading service provider in the process industry, serving clients in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food, energy, steel, and maritime sectors. Our services encompass insulation, scaffolding, painting, NDT, tracing, asbestos removal, fire protection, noise control, and rope access.

At Bilfinger, core values such as HSEQ, integrity, trust, respect, resilience, and responsibility are integral to our work culture. With approximately 36,000 employees worldwide, Bilfinger Industrial Services is committed to delivering high-quality services to clients across the globe.

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