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Testia is recruiting a manager for NDT Part145 Activities. The role involves operational and commercial aspects, managerial oversight, and quality compliance.


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Position Summary:

As the Manager of NDT Part145 Activities at TESTIA, a subsidiary of the Airbus group specialising in Non-Destructive Testing for the aeronautics and space industries, you will play a crucial role in the management and development of the Testia Group's NDT Part145 activities. Reporting to the France Inspections Manager, you will be responsible for operational and commercial aspects, managerial oversight, and ensuring quality compliance in inspections and workshop activities.


  • Operational and Commercial Responsibility for Part 145 "ex-situ" Activities
  • Interface with Testia's Part145 customers globally, including airlines, MROs, and Airbus Customer Services.
  • Respond to customer intervention requests, conduct technical analysis, provide commercial offers, and organise team schedules and APRS within the Part145 Testia Monde pool.
  • Participate in Part145 calls for tenders with the Testia Sales team.
  • Act as the technical referent for your team, verifying, validating, and signing off on files.
  • Commit to controlling budgets, ensuring quality, meeting deadlines, managing costs, maintaining margins, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for monitoring and reporting activity results, including the setup and evolution of monitoring tools.
  • Define and monitor prevention plans for ex-situ interventions.

Managerial Responsibility:

  • Supervise teams dedicated to NDT Part145 ex-situ interventions (currently 3 people based in France).
  • Administer employee administrative processes (travel, hours, expense reports) in compliance with internal procedures and quality/safety rules.
  • Define recruitment and training needs, and maintain certifications.
  • Lead an international APRS team, coordinating schedules, sharing experiences, and managing resources.

Quality Responsibility:

  • Serve as the PART 145 Maintenance Manager, ensuring proper application of regulations in inspections and workshop daily checks, including certifications and hardware calibration.
  • Guarantee the application of approval at the Part145 Reference Workshop in Toulouse, providing support to teams in this area.
  • Participate in the Transnational Inspection Process Review and lead the group's Part 145 Management Review.
  • Conduct OSAC (DGAC) audits, master NOA and PGC, and provide technical and human support for these interventions.


  • Trained as an aeronautical NDT technician with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Level 2 certified in several NDT methods, with a desire to invest in obtaining Level 3 certifications.
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