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Gulf Companies is hiring a temporary Electrical/Instrumentation Inspector for meter station work in Evansville, Indiana. The ideal candidate should have proven experience in the energy industry and familiarity with industry regulations and codes.


Posted 40 day ago

Position Summary:

Gulf Companies is recruiting for a short-term Electrical/Instrumentation Inspector for a temporary assignment in Evansville, Indiana, spanning from 1/22/24 to 1/30/24. The selected candidate will play a crucial role in meter station work, contributing to the company's commitment to excellence in engineering, procurement, and construction management within the global energy industry.


  • Conduct thorough electrical and instrumentation inspections as part of meter station work in Evansville, Indiana.
  • Ensure adherence to industry standards, regulatory requirements, and Gulf Companies' quality assurance protocols.


  • Proven experience as an Electrical/Instrumentation Inspector, preferably in the energy or related industry.
  • Familiarity with industry regulations, codes, and standards.

About Gulf Companies:

Gulf Companies stands at the forefront of the global energy industry, embodying a mission dedicated to serving a pivotal role. Our unwavering dedication to safe, sustainable solutions sets us apart as a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction management, and technical services. 

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