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The AUT Supervisor at Oceaneering is responsible for monitoring the exploration and production processes, ensuring excellence in services and technologies. Their duties include troubleshooting NDT operations, supervising NDT services, ensuring subcontractors adhere to project specifications, and providing technical input.


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Position Summary:

AUT Supervisor contributes to the exploration and production processes, ensuring excellence in services and technologies.


Essential Functions:

  • Troubleshoot NDT operations and integration issues.
  • Act as the primary contact and liaise with the client representative.
  • Supervise NDT (AUT) services, including pre-qualification, performance, and quality audits.
  • Ensure NDT subcontractors adhere to project specifications.
  • Communicate with NDT Engineers on project-specific activities and timing of NDT activities.
  • Provide technical input and quantity estimates for AUT, equipment, and consumables required for project preparations and production.
  • Report to NDT Services on the status of preparations, execution, problems foreseen or encountered, and improvements for current or upcoming projects.
  • Verify that NDT services comply with safety and environmental procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Maintain technical knowledge of (onshore) pipeline NDT and construction work, including procedures, personnel qualifications, new or modified techniques, and welding.
  • Be responsible for the weld logbook accuracy.
  • Check reports before forwarding them to the client.Non-essential Functions
  • Undertake tasks beyond the exclusive list of duties.
  • Assist with other duties as required.
  • Undertake specific projects as instructed by Management/Project Manager.

Safety Responsibilities:

  • Understand and adhere to Safety policies and procedures for a safe working environment.
  • Promote a strong HSE culture at all times.
  • Ensure personnel achieve necessary Health and Safety performance standards.
  • Identify and assess business and HSE risk implications for consideration within the Oceaneering Integrity Management Team.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Work by Company Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality Systems.
  • Perform assigned tasks with diligence regarding the Integrated Management Systems of the Company.
  • Contribute to environmental improvement efforts.


  • Minimum of 8 years of experience as an NDT Technician in operational environments.
  • Experience in all qualified testing methods.
  • General knowledge of other NDT methods, product manufacturing, and inspection technology.
  • Experience in operational integrity and safety management systems.
  • Experience leading and managing multidisciplinary teams.
  • Experience working with engineering contracts and contract administration processes.
  • Knowledge of Competency-Based Training and Assessment.
  • Demonstrated management, leadership, communication, and planning skills.
  • Sound computer skills.
  • Knowledge of the Oil and gas industry, including related Legislation, Acts, and Regulations, Industry Standards, and Codes.
  • Effective communication skills.

About Company:

Oceaneering pushes boundaries in deep water, space, and motion entertainment environments, providing innovative solutions to tomorrow's challenges. Their integrated products and services safely de-risk operational systems, increase reliability, and enable a lower total cost of ownership.

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